Monday, May 3, 2021

A visitor....

 Several days ago, we looked out our back door and were surprised to see this visitor....

Mr. Groundhog was happily chowing down on the dandelions and other green growth in our patio area!  He looks quite healthy and happy, doesn’t he?  He paid little attention to the spillover from the bird feeder. While he was definitely not invited, his behavior indicated that he felt quite welcome!  This is the first time we’ve seen a groundhog on our property!  I wonder where he was on Groundhog Day. :-)

I hope you are continuing to stay well.  What is your vaccination status for protection against COVID?  I am grateful for scientists daily!  Our vaccine immunity became effective on February 23, and it has made a huge difference for us!  We are continuing to wear our masks and remember social distancing while taking care of our shopping needs.  Take care, and be safe!

Monday, April 26, 2021

Which one?

 Hello, blog friends!  I’ve a question for you today.  Which of the following would you choose?

This one....

Or....this one....?
It is “birthday season” around here, and my sister treated us with this delicious strawberry cake!  She also brought the numerals to go on top of the cake.  Which arrangement is appropriate for our situation? 

Well, if you chose the top picture, that would be very flattering.  Going for honesty here means the bottom picture is the correct one.  Thankfully, not a lot of effort was needed to blow out those two candles!

Grateful to be able to celebrate another birthday!

Take care, be safe, stay well, and enjoy spring!

Friday, April 2, 2021

A tradition....

 For the past forty years, baking Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday has been a tradition.  This recipe is one that appeared in our local newspaper in the early eighties.  I think it has been featured on the blog in past years. I have baked hundreds of these through the years, often multiplying the recipe!  This year is no exception!

Here is one pan, just out of the oven and awash in glaze, studded with currants!  

Perfect with bacon alongside and a cup of tea!

Be safe, stay well, and may your Easter season hold special blessings for you!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

April already....

 Rabbit, rabbit friends!  It’s April already!  First, let’s send along Happy Birthday wishes to my sister!  You may have read her comments on my posts.  Many good wishes to you, Sister!

It has been awhile since I’ve posted here, and I need to catch you up on the last half of March.

I suspected the pictures wouldn’t transfer in the correct order, and I was right.  This is our Irish Soda Bread from St. Patrick’s Day, baked in an iron skillet!
The table is set for Easter.  I’ll most likely leave this setting through the month.
Tulips have begun to bloom!  It’s easy to see we have a good growth of violets, too, all around the yard!  Landscape people will stop with their suggestions on clearing such loveliness.  Our response is that we like it this way.
Back to the Sunday Lunch serving.  This is from this past Sunday....Chicken Cordon Bleu roll ups, baked potato, and roasted asparagus.  I was amused to find this butter last week while shopping.
After much persistence, birds were successful in building this nest on an outdoor motion sensitive light!  Round and slick, it’s not an easy task to mount a nest on it!
This, of course, goes with the Irish Soda Bread above.  Corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and turnips from the garden of the Country Couple!  We’re always happy to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!
This is the first year for the hyacinths.  We planted the bulbs last fall, and they have bloomed nicely.  I’m a bit concerned about tonight’s predicted freezing temperatures, though.  Will these blooms be hardy enough to survive, or should we put some sort of cover to protect them overnight?
Now, this is the picture that should be in the first spot!  This is Chicken Parmesan Soup, a recipe from the calendar of our hometown bank.  First time for this one for us, and it’s definitely going in the file.  In fact, it feels like a good day for soup today! 

I hope all is well with you.  Take care, be safe, stay well, and wear your mask!

Friday, March 12, 2021

A year ago....

 Do you remember what was happening a year ago?  The call for “lockdown” was to come very soon.  Now, a year later, there have been prompts to post those last pictures taken before lockdown.  Some of these may have appeared on the blog earlier.  I have decided, however, to post them again.  

On the last weekend in February of 2020, we were in Asheville, NC where we visited the Downton Abbey exhibit at Biltmore.
This is the lovely wedding dress worn by Lady Edith in the TV series.  
This view is from the back.
This is the dining table that was set for Lord/Lady Grantham, family, and guests.
This was my favorite of the dresses that had been worn by Lady Mary.
On the first Sunday in March, we were treated to brunch at Grove Park Inn.  No pictures of the marvelous food, for some strange reason.  This is the view from the outside patio.
Just a day earlier than our March 12 “lockdown,” I had brought these home from the grocery.  Daffodils are one of the favorite flowers I like to have for St. Patrick’s Day.  

Do you have special plans for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?  Is there a traditional menu you prepare for the day....or the season?  Corned beef and cabbage seems to be a popular choice.  I believe that’s what I’ll have on our menu!  It’s a favorite here!

Take care, be safe, and stay well.

Monday, March 1, 2021

A new month....

 Rabbit, rabbit!  A new month!  Is March coming in like a lamb or a lion where you are?  May the month ahead be filled with all good things for you!

I have read that this is National Nutrition Month!  It is always a good time to take inventory of our eating habits, just to be sure we are receiving the nutrition we need.  A good rule to follow is to “eat the rainbow!”  How colorful are your choices when you plan your meals?

This has green and yellow covered nicely.  These veggies are prepared for roasting.  This was a generous amount, and there are leftovers to enrich our meals for a couple of days.  I used what was on hand and really wish I had been able to add some purple onion and some cherry tomatoes!  Now, thinking of other colorful foods to add to the shopping list!

Sending wishes for good health to you!  Take care, be safe, and stay well!

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Special days....

 While February is the shortest month of the year, there is no shortage of special days during the month.  As February winds down, I’ll review a few of the special “food events” that weren’t covered in the last post.

I have never considered the groundhog to be a reliable predictor of much of anything, though it is fun to recognize Groundhog Day on February 2.  This appeared in Susan Branch’s blog early in the month....

As I had never honored Groundhog Day with anything special on the menu, I decided to correct that lapse this time around!  This Punxsutawney Pudding was delicious!  In fact, it was so tasty to me that I chose to use some of it a couple of mornings later....

It was an ideal “bed” for a fried egg for breakfast!

The Lunar New Year also came in February....the Year of the Ox.  For that celebration, we enjoyed this....

Shrimp Stir-Fry!  In my opinion, stir-fry dishes are an excellent way to work in lots of extra vegetables!  This one even included some cauliflower florets!

There were even fortune cookies following!  Happy to send you some!  Have lots more!

Of course, our favorite day of the month is Valentine’s Day!  Not an ideal time for going out to eat in a restaurant, that’s for sure.  This was a good substitute....

 Bacon wrapped scallops and cheese front of the fireplace!  Quite cozy and relaxing!

Shrove Tuesday gave an opportunity for this....

Pancakes for dinner!  This brought back memories of years past of youth pancake suppers on the night before Ash Wednesday.  

Our vaccine immunity “kicked in” earlier this week, and we have made a gradual reentry into the general public.  Following the same safety precautions is still necessary, and that’s what we’re doing.  So far, so good!

I send good wishes for your health!