Monday, December 11, 2023

A new Advent activity….

 On a visit to Williamsburg, VA in October, we ventured into the Bruton Parish Church gift shop.  Always looking for a souvenir from our travels, my attention was drawn to this Advent puzzle….

This is the scene that will show in the finished puzzle.
The puzzle box is filled with these 24 small boxes.
Each box is filled with puzzle pieces that will fit in a section specifically numbered for the correct day.  Here, I had just begun the puzzle, and all the pieces have the number 1 on them.
This is the progress after three days.  
This shows the progress on the seventh day.  It will require assembly on Christmas Eve to have the puzzle fully complete. 

It has been quite awhile ago, but I featured some of the jigsaw puzzles that I have assembled on this blog.  A number of them have been framed and are hanging in different areas of the house.  I think I’ll be interested in framing this one, and it is likely that I’ll be looking for another Advent puzzle next year!  
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on this one!

Remember to slow down and enjoy the beauty around you each and every day!  

Stay well! 


  1. How clever this puzzle is, Nellie! We have a puzzle on our table now. We must get cracking on it as we need that table for Christmas. Hope the weather of the weekend wasn't too bad for you, my friend.

  2. Oh, Sister! You have lots of skill and patience, much more than I do! If a puzzle has more than 50 pieces, I'm totally out of luck! LOL I'll be interested in seeing the finished product. Love you!

  3. That's a nifty puzzle. Have you been baking? I've started on my cookies.


  4. An Advent puzzle, how wonderful. I like the front of it. It's cheerful with pretty colors. I've always loved jigsaw puzzles, but haven't put one together in so long. I think it's great that you frame them when you're finished.

    Merry Christmas season to you, Nellie.


  5. That's a lovely puzzle, Nellie. Hope you have a blessed and beautiful Christmas! Susan

  6. I love the Advent puzzle. I love doing puzzles this time of year.