Monday, July 25, 2016

Visiting the rainforest....

A favorite display in the Children's Museum is the Rainforest room.

With very realistic plants and a soundtrack with rainforest sounds, one almost feels transported to an actual rainforest.

There is even a boat provided for traveling down the stream!

There is even a special tree house!

This is where I usually spend extra time....

I always welcome a chance to work on a jigsaw puzzle.:-) I'm so happy there is a chance to do that at the Children's Museum!  



Are you ready to continue that trip through the Children's Museum?

There are rooms set aside for different experiences.  While walking down the hall, we encounter this on the floor....

....leading into this....

Around here, those water drops have been in short supply in recent weeks.  How about where you are?

Still more to come!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More from the museum....

Continuing on with the displays at the Children's Museum, these exhibits indicate what life was like in Oak Ridge during the early forties.

Eventually the public became aware of the role Oak Ridge played during World War II.

There is more fun for children, and I want to share it with you next.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wait! There's more....

The previous post was all about the Children's Museum in Oak Ridge.  I actually took LOTS of pictures, and there is material for a week's worth of posts!  In this one, the focus is on how Oak Ridge began.

There is so much information displayed that it is almost difficult to learn all of it!  The next post will feature what it was like to live in Oak Ridge during these days.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Still "tripping...."

We had a recent visit from the Munchkins and the Muncho/Macho family!  Off we went on another trip - this one to Oak Ridge, TN and the fabulous Children's Museum there.  

This is a series of pictures from the museum.  Perhaps I should call it "Installment #1.":-)

So many exhibits of life in Appalachia!  

Moving on to reptiles and amphibians....

Very educational information on the walls in the hall!  Munchkin the Elder has had experience with a couple of "pet" snakes - in the house in an aquarium!  Currently he has Spike, a Horned Dragon Lizard.

If you're interested in bees and honey, this exhibit would appeal to you!

I'm not too keen on bee-keeping myself, but certainly am a fan of these products!

What is your favorite way to enjoy honey?

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Another from the "archives"

The very first complete cookbook I ever had is still on my shelf.

A favorite recipe from those long-ago days was pizza!  This was before one could find some sort of pizza place on nearly every corner, so making it at home was about the only solution to one's pizza desire.

Making pizza at home required some advance planning!  One time I remember making this was when The Husband was still The Boyfriend, making a trip to visit me, as we weren't in the same town.

Browning the Italian sausage....

Browning the mushrooms....

Spreading the dough onto the pan....

....and there you have it!!  Pizza, ready to eat!!  Yum!!  It is still a favorite around here!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

More than books....

My favorite cookbook author/autobiographer/illustrator/writer does more than books!

She also designs fabric, available from Spoonflower!

Finally motivated to "dig out" the 46-year old sewing machine, I "fashioned" that fabric into this scarf.

It was ready for her signature at the book signing!!

There are several Susan Branch designs available via Spoonflower, if you are interested.  Several fabrics are available.

Happy sewing!