Monday, July 11, 2016

Still "tripping...."

We had a recent visit from the Munchkins and the Muncho/Macho family!  Off we went on another trip - this one to Oak Ridge, TN and the fabulous Children's Museum there.  

This is a series of pictures from the museum.  Perhaps I should call it "Installment #1.":-)

So many exhibits of life in Appalachia!  

Moving on to reptiles and amphibians....

Very educational information on the walls in the hall!  Munchkin the Elder has had experience with a couple of "pet" snakes - in the house in an aquarium!  Currently he has Spike, a Horned Dragon Lizard.

If you're interested in bees and honey, this exhibit would appeal to you!

I'm not too keen on bee-keeping myself, but certainly am a fan of these products!

What is your favorite way to enjoy honey?


  1. That looks like an amazing children's museum, Nellie. All of the textiles and critters feature would be enjoyable to any one.
    I loved seeing the photo of you and your family when you met Susan Branch! It's nice to see the pretty face I'm getting to know. xo ♥

  2. Looks like a fun museum, Nellie-girl! Favorite way to eat honey? In baklava! Second favorite? In tea!

  3. Glad to see you enjoying some great times.
    My favorite way to eat honey? Right out of the jar with a spoon. : )

  4. You know, in all the decades we lived in East TN, we never visited that museum even once, but our grandsons have gone when their parents were visiting that area. I have very little imagination, but I do enjoy honey in my tea, and even sometimes in my coffee with the creamer that I always use. I hope you're having a peaceful evening, Sister! Love you!