Thursday, January 31, 2019

Books for 2019....

I've noticed that there are a few listings of books that people are interested in reading for 2019.  There are a few on my "must read" list.

This is the one that began my list this month.  It is the selection of our Twitter Book Club, a group of Susan Branch Girlfriends who formed a group for a book club.

It is my plan to once again be a group leader for the United Methodist Women Mission U this summer.  There is a bit of reading and study to do, even before I go for training.  These are three that I have set a goal for having them completed by the middle of March,  Lots of reading to do, and I've only made a little headway with one of them.

Are you reading anything that is interesting?  What is your favorite genre?

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Welcome to the weekend!  Today is Saturday, February 2, 2019 - Groundhog Day!

Do you regard the groundhog as a dependable predictor of winter weather?  How does that story go? If the groundhog emerges from his hole and sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter.

As I write this - 10:45 Eastern - we have yet to see any sunshine, so that groundhog would have had a difficult time seeing his shadow if he's an early riser.

I can't say much about the groundhog, but I saw a flock of seven geese flying south when I went out to get the daily newspaper earlier!  

Wishing you a weekend of all good things!

A dusting....

No, I'm not thinking about the kind of dusting that one uses to clean.  This is the kind of dusting I have in mind....

 After a forecast that indicated up to three inches, we received only a dusting here on Tuesday morning. 

While nowhere near the kind of winter weather many experience, this was enough to give me the motivation to find a cozy spot for reading.

I could sit here, and look outside in one direction....

....or choose this spot, and check on things in another direction!

It was definitely a good day to stay warm and cozy! 

Cold air is currently an issue for many.  Be safe!  

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

January's colors....

I've posted pictures recently indicating that blue and white are favorite color combinations that I like, especially in January.  Other colors have appeared during this month around here.

More often than not, January's skies have been grey.  We have had no snow, though it is in the forecast for this week.  While this picture appears to be blue with some clouds, it was very grey as I viewed it from my sidewalk.

January has afforded time to spend with friends, and this table seemed an appropriate setting for breakfast.

The setting is a combination of Strawberry Fair by Johnson Brothers (now discontinued, of course), Pink Dogwood Depression glass, and some sweet pink glasses I happened upon while antique shopping.  The mug is Strawberries and Cream by Villeroy and Boch, also discontinued.

How have your skies been during this month?  Have you had snow?  Do you stay in touch with your friends?  What are some of the things you enjoy during your time with them?

Thank you for following along.  There is still time to make some special January memories!  Stay warm and cozy if you are having that cold Arctic blast that is predicted!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Passing quickly....

This month is passing quickly!  Before this time next week, we will be in a new month!  There have been several things that have contributed to making January special.

Some of you may have mentioned a word that you would apply for yourself during 2019.  I have rarely settled on a word/expression for myself for the year.  However, this year something seems to be nudging me toward a special word - gratitude!  While walking through Bed, Bath, and Beyond recently, this coaster was just sitting on the corner of a table as I passed.  It was the only one with this inscription!  It seemed to have been placed there for me!  Then, in some unsolicited material that arrived through the mail, I found this -

I apologize for the glare.  Thankfully, I didn't choose photography as my means of livelihood!  That would have been all uphill for certain.  At any rate, I have determined that gratitude will be my major thought during 2019.

While not every day, that Gratitude Journal is receiving entries!

Thank you so much for following along.  Those of you who wish may find me on Twitter daily, as well as the occasional entry on Instagram!

Enjoy the quickly passing days that remain in January!  There is still time to make some special January memories!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

For Sunday....

Today is the third Sunday after the Epiphany.  May you be surrounded by hope, joy, love, and peace  on this special day.

Today's mission focus for the United Methodist Women is Bethlehem Center of Charlotte, NC.

Special blessings to all!

Monday, January 14, 2019

A discipline for 2019....

Making resolutions for the new year hasn't ever been a real practice here.  This year, however, I have decided to discipline myself to do some journal writing daily.

I participate in an online book club on Twitter, and our most recent read was "Grateful" by Diana Butler Bass.  When I happened upon the "Gratitude Journal for Women" on a sale rack, then spied the lone dish towel amongst others with a Valentine theme, it seemed as though I was being nudged toward considering gratitude at this point in time.  Now, to discipline myself to take about five minutes a day to write in that journal!

As I have been considering gratefulness, it seems to me to be slightly different from thankfulness, but it's difficult for me to elaborate on the difference.  What about you?  Do you relate thankfulness and gratefulness to be the same....or different?

Friday, January 11, 2019


After the red and green of the Christmas season, I like to use a favorite color combination of mine - blue and white.

The table is set and ready to welcome guests! Incidentally, I managed to smooth out those rumples that show in the photograph. China is Blue Garland by Johann Havilland, Bavaria backstamp. 

Friday, January 4, 2019

A favorite...

Did you know that today is National Spaghetti Day?  We’ve never needed a special day to enjoy spaghetti, though it is good to have an excuse for this one.😋😊

Meatballs will be delicious, don’t you think?

Thursday, January 3, 2019


While all the other Christmas decorations have been stored away for the next eleven months, this remains on display until Epiphany.

We have had this Nativity scene for a number of years.  It remains my favorite of Christmas displays.