Tuesday, January 29, 2019

January's colors....

I've posted pictures recently indicating that blue and white are favorite color combinations that I like, especially in January.  Other colors have appeared during this month around here.

More often than not, January's skies have been grey.  We have had no snow, though it is in the forecast for this week.  While this picture appears to be blue with some clouds, it was very grey as I viewed it from my sidewalk.

January has afforded time to spend with friends, and this table seemed an appropriate setting for breakfast.

The setting is a combination of Strawberry Fair by Johnson Brothers (now discontinued, of course), Pink Dogwood Depression glass, and some sweet pink glasses I happened upon while antique shopping.  The mug is Strawberries and Cream by Villeroy and Boch, also discontinued.

How have your skies been during this month?  Have you had snow?  Do you stay in touch with your friends?  What are some of the things you enjoy during your time with them?

Thank you for following along.  There is still time to make some special January memories!  Stay warm and cozy if you are having that cold Arctic blast that is predicted!


  1. I hope you stay warm too, It has been blue and white here as well. I love those dishes. That is such a pretty table.
    Its so nice to see you blogging again Nellie.

  2. Great table setting, Nellie! Love the Pink Dogwood Depression glass! We are in Arctic freeze here in our NW Chicago suburb, sun is shining but bitter cold 1° now, going down to -24° tonight, high of -16° tomorrow, then down to -30° tomorrow night. And we have lots of snow on the ground to boot! It's cold to say the least! Sky is very blue now and pretty against the sunny sky and white snow! You take care and stay warm!

  3. I love the blue sky. Our's is getting overcast but the sun is still out. We still have lots of snow with more coming and they say that February is going to be very cold.
    I'm so looking forward to spring, 50 days to spring.

    Your table looks very feminine. Such pretty dishes. Mine are plain white.
    Take care.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. I love your table with all the beautiful pieces, Nellie. Your depression pieces are really pretty and compliment the Strawberry Fair. We had blue skies for our walk yesterday, but today it is rainy/something now. Stay warm and cozy in the days ahead. ♥

  5. Well, Sister, I'm almost ashamed to admit that our skies have been mostly sunny, even in January! As I drive across the looonnng bridge to Hubby's rehab facility, the water on the Gulf coast just shimmers in the sunlight! Trouble is, I can't stop the car in the middle of that bridge to take a picture of it. I keep up with my friends from "back home" via Facebook and an occasional phone call, and it's good to know that modern technology keeps us together. have a lovely day and stay warm! Love you!

  6. What a pretty table.
    It's been snowing just about every day here where I live this January.

  7. I love the dishware! I have some blue depression glass I use once in a while but don't know the pattern name.