Thursday, January 31, 2019

Books for 2019....

I've noticed that there are a few listings of books that people are interested in reading for 2019.  There are a few on my "must read" list.

This is the one that began my list this month.  It is the selection of our Twitter Book Club, a group of Susan Branch Girlfriends who formed a group for a book club.

It is my plan to once again be a group leader for the United Methodist Women Mission U this summer.  There is a bit of reading and study to do, even before I go for training.  These are three that I have set a goal for having them completed by the middle of March,  Lots of reading to do, and I've only made a little headway with one of them.

Are you reading anything that is interesting?  What is your favorite genre?


  1. Sister, I used to love to read, but my current condition makes it most uncomfortable, so all I manage to read daily is my Bible, and I figure I can't go wrong with that one! Enjoy your books and your Mission U training. Love you!

  2. I just finished a Louise Penny book.
    I like to read just about anything. :)