Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A dusting....

No, I'm not thinking about the kind of dusting that one uses to clean.  This is the kind of dusting I have in mind....

 After a forecast that indicated up to three inches, we received only a dusting here on Tuesday morning. 

While nowhere near the kind of winter weather many experience, this was enough to give me the motivation to find a cozy spot for reading.

I could sit here, and look outside in one direction....

....or choose this spot, and check on things in another direction!

It was definitely a good day to stay warm and cozy! 

Cold air is currently an issue for many.  Be safe!  


  1. Weather is so strange, Sister! Only a few miles from you, there were three inches of that pretty white stuff, and that was enough to close schools in that nearby county for two days at least! Enjoy your cozy spot and your book. I'm planning a nap soon! Love you!

  2. I wish we had got a dusting. Instead we got walloped with a snowstorm and bitter cold. I would rather have the snow than this terrible cold spell. Heat wave coming this Saturday- we will be above zero. xo Diana

  3. It's pretty nippy up here in New England, Nellie, but no where near as cold as I read it is in the mid-western states. They are truly FREEZING. Susan

  4. We didn't get any accumulation, Nellie, just really cold air that like you said is nothing compared to our friends to the north and mid-west! Your dusting is pretty! ♥

  5. I would be falling asleep in that cozy spot!

  6. Florida is freezing. The natives can't handle it.