Friday, March 12, 2021

A year ago....

 Do you remember what was happening a year ago?  The call for “lockdown” was to come very soon.  Now, a year later, there have been prompts to post those last pictures taken before lockdown.  Some of these may have appeared on the blog earlier.  I have decided, however, to post them again.  

On the last weekend in February of 2020, we were in Asheville, NC where we visited the Downton Abbey exhibit at Biltmore.
This is the lovely wedding dress worn by Lady Edith in the TV series.  
This view is from the back.
This is the dining table that was set for Lord/Lady Grantham, family, and guests.
This was my favorite of the dresses that had been worn by Lady Mary.
On the first Sunday in March, we were treated to brunch at Grove Park Inn.  No pictures of the marvelous food, for some strange reason.  This is the view from the outside patio.
Just a day earlier than our March 12 “lockdown,” I had brought these home from the grocery.  Daffodils are one of the favorite flowers I like to have for St. Patrick’s Day.  

Do you have special plans for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?  Is there a traditional menu you prepare for the day....or the season?  Corned beef and cabbage seems to be a popular choice.  I believe that’s what I’ll have on our menu!  It’s a favorite here!

Take care, be safe, and stay well.

Monday, March 1, 2021

A new month....

 Rabbit, rabbit!  A new month!  Is March coming in like a lamb or a lion where you are?  May the month ahead be filled with all good things for you!

I have read that this is National Nutrition Month!  It is always a good time to take inventory of our eating habits, just to be sure we are receiving the nutrition we need.  A good rule to follow is to “eat the rainbow!”  How colorful are your choices when you plan your meals?

This has green and yellow covered nicely.  These veggies are prepared for roasting.  This was a generous amount, and there are leftovers to enrich our meals for a couple of days.  I used what was on hand and really wish I had been able to add some purple onion and some cherry tomatoes!  Now, thinking of other colorful foods to add to the shopping list!

Sending wishes for good health to you!  Take care, be safe, and stay well!