Monday, February 29, 2016

Blogging friends.....

.....are the very best!!  You may remember that I offered a cookbook for bread machines to the first taker.  So - Happyone indicated she wanted it, and off in the mail it went!  

On Monday, I received this from Happyone!

She knit them herself!!  They are perfect for spring!!  This was a really nice gift!  Thank you, Happyone!


  1. What a lovely gift, and I love the colors! Thank you, Happyone, for being such a great blogging friend to my sister! Have a terrific Tuesday, both of you!

    1. Your very welcome. It is easy to be nice to Nellie. : )
      A happy day to you, Glenda.

  2. Nellie, That is so sweet. I love the colors. You'll probably have them worn out in a month, the way you are always cooking.LOL. Bless your heart, xoxo, Susie

  3. You are very welcome. : ) Glad you like them.
    Thanks again for the cookbook.

  4. What a sweet thank you, Nellie. The colors are lovely and I'm sure you will smile when you use them! xo ♥

  5. Those are the best washclothes. My husband won't use anything else anymore.
    What a nice gift. I agree, blogger friends are the best.

  6. Hi Nellie:)
    Isn't the world of blogging simply amazing! Such a festive gift you have recieved. I too LOVE the colors!

    Thank you so much for sharing, evening brightener for sure:)

  7. Thank you Nelly for stopping by my blog ...I'm a bad blog friend too! I was hoping to start this year out better, I love these knitted rags my mom makes them and give them For Christmas gifts with soap. Yours are nice spring colors I had two Robins and a red pole in my backyard yesterday so Spring must be here! the geese are flying too! Love this time of year!! Enjoy your day!!

  8. Nellie, how thoughtful of her! They are beautiful and I love the colors (especially the yellow one!)