Thursday, February 4, 2016

Keep those toothpicks handy....

They will be good to put to use for enjoying these:

We have never been fans of barbecue sauce/ grape jelly/etc. on meatballs and much prefer the traditional marinara for dipping these.  While the recipe specifies ground beef, I haven't used ground beef in a very long time.  Instead, these are made with ground white chicken.  Ground white turkey could also be used, depending on your budget.  When making these this time, I used Pecorino cheese.  With no seasoned bread crumbs, I simply added dried basil and dried oregano to the mix.

Of course, "leftovers" are always good this way:

If there are any leftovers from this, Munchkin the Elder loves Meatball Subs!:-)

Oh!  While you have those toothpicks handy, try them with these:

Lovely cubed potatoes, just perfect for a side dish - or a party table!  Munchkin the Younger finds that these are just what she needs!:-)

Both these recipes actually came from the Rookie Cookie page of our newspaper. 

Happy cooking!


  1. Well, I would have to agree with BOTH of the Munchkins! These look really yummy, and those meatballs would be delicious as is or on a meatball sub! Thanks for another great idea, Sister! Enjoy your day!

  2. Oh yum, I think I'm coming to your house for supper.... in my dream.
    Have a great day. It's snowing here and meatballs sounds great.

  3. The cubed potatoes look really good. I love all kinds of potatoes.

  4. Nellie, both dishes look wonderful. The potato dish would be a big hit at my house! Enjoy your afternoon! xo ♥

  5. I'd need more than a toothpick, give me a fork!

  6. Oh, those potatoes do sound good, Nellie - I just some potato wedges in the oven, but not with cheese. I'll have to remember this.