Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A day late....

Today is Ash Wednesday, which means yesterday was Shrove Tuesday, a day many people have pancake suppers.  While I have been known to flip a pancake or two, we have not been huge fans of having them for our evening meal.  Instead, this has become a favorite here.

I served this over brown rice.

This recipe comes from Betty Crocker, of course.  She has been my "go to" for many, many years, and I still have that very first cookbook of hers that I purchased in 1962!

China - Strawberries and Cream, Villeroy and Boch, now discontinued.


  1. We love shrimp at our house, Nellie. Unfortunately the grandson that lives with us does not. Your shrimp looks lovely in your beautiful dishes. Seems the best ones are discontinued. Have a wonderful day! ♥

  2. This does look really good, but I'm one of those folks who only appreciate seafood if it's fried, and my hubby won't eat it at all, no matter how it's cooked! Yes, those dishes really are pretty, and it's a shame they were taken off the market. Have a great day, Sister, and stay warm! Love you!

  3. Nellie, That is a good lunch. I like shrimp cooked in things more than plain. Over brown rice sounds even better. Blessings for a fun day. xoxo,Susie

  4. Didn't have pancakes for supper but had them for breakfast this morning. : )

  5. Pancake Day came and went before I even knew it was Tuesday Nellie, lol...We have pancakes every now and again for dinner. Marion's requests usually go something like this "No cooking for you tonight" "we'll have breakfast for dinner" Maybe she doesn't realize making pancakes is actually cooking, lol...I'm sure if I told her about your Creole Shrimp (Betty's:) she wouldn't argue one bit. Boy can that lady eat shrimp!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Nellie...

  6. Oh boy, that looks so good but a bit rich for Ash Wednesday and it wouldn't be a penance to eat that... I so love seafood... and I love those Betty Crocker Cookbooks. I have two of them and I have the same Shrimp Creole recipe in Betty Crocker Big Red Cookbook but the recipe is doubled yours. I'm going to make this on Sunday me think when I'm not fasting, I'll probably make it half like you did... Those cookbook are the best as far as I'm concerned.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love pancakes. Morning, noon or night. Doesn't matter. I eat breakfast for supper a lot of times. Your shrimp creole looks yummy. My Betty Crocker cookbook is so old it is falling apart. Hugs, lJ