Monday, February 22, 2016

A birthday....

Though we celebrated President's Day last Monday, today is actually the birthday of George Washington.

Most of us probably carry a picture of George in our wallet!

Do you have plans for a cherry pie today?:-)


  1. Hadn't really thought about a cherry pie, although I'm sure my hubby would be delighted to have one! Hmmmmm....maybe I'll muster the energy for one later today. I remember when our dad used to humorously call this "George Birthington's Washday!" In fact, that's what I wished Hubby this morning! Have a lovely day, Sister! It looks as if you might be getting some rain again, so I hope you can stay inside and just enjoy the sound of it on the roof. Love you!

  2. Cherry pie is not a favorite of mine, Nellie. I've never made one. My Nanny used to say "that's the baker's choice to make what they like!" I wonder what George Washington would think about our country today? Have a great day, my friend. ♥

  3. No cherry pie for me today though I'd sure like a piece. : )

  4. Today is also Cat Day and Ninja Day apparently.

  5. I love cherry pie but no pie for me today either. Happy Birthday George, not my George though. lol...