Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Year of the Monkey....

Do you have any monkeys in your house?  Strangely enough, that is one stuffed animal that seemed to escape our ownership through the years, though we certainly had our share of bears, kitties, and dogs!  The Curious George books were favorites when The Daughters were younger, though.

Actually, the Chinese New Year celebration began this week and will continue for several more days.  This is the Year of the Monkey on their calendar. 

In observation of this event, we have enjoyed this:

Chinese Cabbage, as found in a Betty Crocker cookbook from more than 45 years ago!  I've used an iron skillet from The Husband's home for preparation.

As you are able to see, this makes 4 servings.  We never have a problem deciding what to do with leftovers!:-)  Enjoy!


  1. It looks lovely. I made those monkeys out of socks when the kids were young. Lots of them, I hadn't thought about that until you said that you didn't have those kinds of stuffed animals.
    I was born in the year of the dog. :)

  2. Yes Nellie, I do have a monkey in my house and I think he would love this recipe. My husband is a Monkey and I'm a dog.
    What are you?

  3. We had a stuffed raccoon and a sock monkey who were named Ricky Raccoon and Mickey Monkey, and I used them occasionally as friends in Sunday School lessons, which the children loved! This dish sounds like something I could eat all by myself, with NO leftovers, but that probably wouldn't be a good idea! LOL Thanks for the recipe, Sister! Have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday!

  4. Nellie, I love to cook my cabbage in an iron skillet. We don't have a monkey that I know of except maybe in the grands books downstairs. I affectionately called my grandsons monkeys when they were younger. They certainly seemed to have the energy of a monkey! Stay warm, my friend! ♥

  5. Happy Year of the Monkey! We definitely enjoyed our CNY feast in celebration of Josie's heritage.

  6. Nellie, I love fried cabbage. So does Teddy Bear...I might make this for us. Or wait till this cold snap is once I cook this, I can air out the house. :):) Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  7. We, of course, had the traditional sock money and a regular stuffed monkey and a couple of gorillas... that come to mind. Also a Curious George book and a lunchbox. There may have been more, but my memory is dim.

  8. Gung Hey Fat Choy! A belated one anyway. It is a fitting year for me: I actually bought a book about the Monkey King! It's an old Chinese legend.

  9. I will sometimes cook cabbage with onion, but next time I'll add celery and pepper. Thanks for the tip, Nellie!