Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day....and Cookbook Wednesday!

Who of us is not familiar with the Ingalls family and their endeavors to live off the land?  On this Earth Day, this seems to be an appropriate feature.

I have always liked being able to connect with children's literature through possible activities in the kitchen.

By the date, you can see this book has been on my shelf several years.

Does this chapter listing inspire you?

Notice that beaver traps were not set since the beaver population was dwindling.

Serving that turkey dinner definitely required some extra steps and time.

There was actually bread-making before the advent of electric ovens or bread machines!

Pancakes were a favorite.

Potatoes were a stand-by - mashed, with leftovers saved for potato cakes.

"A good meal is not complete without dessert!"  (A famous quote from The Husband).

With homemade sausage on hand, a good breakfast was guaranteed!

This was a Sunday dinner treat for many through the years.

I can imagine the steps needed to bake this wedding cake without our modern day conveniences!  It would have been quite an undertaking.

Do you have plans to do something helpful for the environment today?  We're planting some flowers!

Happy Earth Day!


  1. Happy Earth day Nellie! I have this lovely book too...wonderful to dip into and imagine other times. We are so fortunate to have all the time -saving and labour-reducing appliances of now...poor Ma! With love x

  2. It took lots of energy and time to create all the delicious meals that Ma Ingalls prepared for her growing family! This looks like a lovely book, with lots of interesting history as well as recipes. Our Earth Day will probably include nothing special, but I do enjoy using the cloth bags our local supermarket has for sale, and we take our newspapers to the nearest recycle bin. Have a wonderful Wednesday,Sister, and enjoy the sunshine! :-)

  3. My Josie would love reading this cookbook. She's been reading the Engalls series in her 3rd classroom this year. Happy Earth day!

  4. I guess what we would consider difficult, was just what they considered normal, everyday life. Hard to imagine... especially dealing with outhouses and no modern plumbing! Oh... and AC!!!

  5. Oh My!~ What a lot of work they had back then. We have SO many conveniences today. My mother and grandmother both did "from scratch" cooking. I don't ever remember seeing a cake mix or "fast" type of product in our house...except my mother did buy store-bought bread! xo Diana

  6. Nellie, I could almost break out into "It's a hard knock life" from Annie. I have had some tough times growing up...but the Ingalls family lived more off the land than we did. We ate animals that daddy got when he went hunting...never any deer...just squirrels and rabbits. Oh I never will eat that again. LOL.. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. I know you are one great cook...but have you ever put vinegar in your friend chicken?

  7. LOL..I mean your fried not friend chicken LOL susie

  8. What a nice cook book. : ) Can't do any planting here today. Winter decided to return for a bit and it is snowing!!

  9. I have a relative who is a real fan of Little House - the books and the TV series! I'm thinking this would be a great "just because" present for her. I love your review, and I've linked you for Cookbook Wednesday! Thanks for letting me know.

  10. I have that book. I think it's extremely interesting. I always loved the descriptions of the meals in the Little House books.


  11. I remembered Earth Day too, thanks to the Google Doodle.

  12. A very interesting book Nellie. For the environment I recycle every day and make my own compost. Not only on Earth Day but everyday. We change to an energy efficient stove that burns so clean and we don't put pesticide on our land. We try to do our share.
    Hugs, JB

  13. Beautiful post! Very nice cookbook choice. Happy Earth Day.

  14. Interesting post, Nellie! I like the part about the turkeys being elusive sprinters. We have it so easy today, compared with the times back then, but it was just another day to them.

  15. What a great cookbook to have. Fun to read and imagine days gone by. I am glad I live in todays modern times though, lol... My son used to trap. I call him my mountain man cause he knows so much about those things and reads about life way back when.

  16. Those chapter headings DOES inspire me! I like the sound of them.