Thursday, July 6, 2023


 Has this week seemed odd to you?  Unusual to have a holiday on Tuesday.  It’s almost like having two Mondays.  Of course, if you are retired (and I think most people who read this blog are in that category), the days of the week may just blend into one another.  

Anyway, it was a good time to celebrate….Independence Day!  As usual, my thoughts turned to food, and this dessert hit the spot.  

Just in time, our blueberries have begun to ripen.  This is from our first picking.

I greased my baking dish first, then spread those blueberries around in it….

Then I opened a large can of crushed pineapple (with juice) and poured it on top of the blueberries.

Next, I opened a box of white cake mix and sprinkled it evenly over the fruit in the dish.

Added some melted butter….just a stick…and a few coarsely chopped pecans.  You could use walnuts, too.  
Ready to slide into the oven….set at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes or so.  Check to be sure it doesn’t become too brown for your liking.

Here is the finished product!  Someone sneaked a serving before I took the photo!

It was good with some whipped cream on top.  Someone else chose vanilla ice cream.  

The hot and humid days of summer call for staying cool and hydrated!  I hope you are staying safe!

China pattern:  Olde Chelsea by Myott.  I’ve had this china for 60 years!  Guess we’re both vintage! 😂


  1. You made a wonderful dessert with your blueberries. How many blueberry bushes do you have? I like my three bushes, three different varieties, so much that I planted a fourth called Jubilee.

  2. No wonder someone sneaked a piece of your Blueberry/Pineapple Cobbler. It looks irresistible. I made a Blueberry Cobbler too this week but mine was not as tasty-looking as yours. I set the timer for 30 minutes the way the recipe said but it was too long and the top got very dark.

  3. This blueberry/pineapple cobbler sure looks tasty, Nellie! I'll have to copy this for the future. That's so nice you have your own blueberries. Do the birds enjoy them as much as you?

  4. Oh, Sister!!! You certainly haven't lost your touch in the kitchen! This looks positively sinfully delicious, and I don't blame "whoever" took a bite before it was served. My thoughts are that The Husband might know where to find that sneaky culprit.... Keep cooking as long as your legs will carry you around. Love you!

  5. Yum! I love blueberries and often make a blueberry crumble. A small piece of it makes a perfect quick lunch for me. I'm not retired and only have 30 minutes for lunch. Having a holiday on Tuesday was odd but welcome because this is a six-day work week for me so a day off turned it into five days! Yay!


  6. Oh Nellie! It's been years since I've had this cake. Your recipe is slightly different from mine. I usually used cherry pie filling. And my butter was flaked on to the top. Much easier to melt it, I should imagine, and far less messy for the cook, I remember how dish deliciously ooey gooey. the top was, Enjoy!

  7. Oh my does that look good and easy too. Our Pastor loves anything with blueberries. I'll have to bake him this some time. Thanks for the recipe!!!

  8. Some weeks really do feel all muddled that way, and holidays in the mist of them can play tricks on the mind. But I think that delicious looking dessert with fresh blueberries would set the world to rights in a jiffy! Wishing you a beautiful week ahead, Nellie!

  9. Oh my goodness, this blueberry dessert looks amazing. I wish I could have a slice with my morning coffee. Blueberry pie has always been my favorite, and whipped cream, even better. The china you served it in is pretty, and it's nice that you still have it after 60 years. I love vintage things. ; )


  10. Looks SO good and easy, too. Yes, it was a little strange to have the holiday on Tuesday...and very strange to - after all this time - pick up Covid at a 4th of July picnic!