Friday, December 4, 2020

The Friday Five....

 Here we are, another Friday has rolled around!  Did this week pass quickly for you, or was it one of those weeks that seemed to creep along?  

Here are some things that have been the source of pleasure for me this week.


The fog gives a good backdrop to the first picture, though the holly berries are difficult to see.  The second picture is from a different angle.  They are part of the namesake for the blog.

2)  I will confess that I love this season!  

I love to set the table with Christmas dishes!  

3)  I love to have leftovers from a roast turkey!
Turkey Wild Rice Soup!  One of my favorites!

4)  I love to be able to have a fire in the fire pit!
This wood, cut by Country Man, will be fuel for many fire pit sessions!

5)  I love cookies!  Today is National Cookie Day, I hear!
Who can resist a good Molasses Cookie?

How are you preparing for this holiday season?  I believe I’ve mastered the art of online shopping!  That is all too easy!  Are you decorating?  Are you sending cards?  Are you doing any special cooking?  

The weekend is ahead!  Do you have any special plans?  Remember to take care, be safe, and stay well!


  1. Good evening, Sister! I think I love your Friday Five, especially this week! Sitting around a toasty fire, eating a dish of that wonderful soup from your beautiful Christmas dishes, while admiring the trees abundant with berries--who could ask for more? Oh, that's right - there are cookies, too! My weekend plans include attendance at a Saturday memorial service for a beloved former pastor who recently succumbed to pneumonia at the age of 81, then attendance at church on Sunday. All done with a mask, of course. Whatever you have planned, I hope you're blessed. Love you!

  2. You Holly bush looks very productive. They make such beautiful Christmas decorations.
    I haven't had a molasses cookie in years. I can almost smell them. My husband love ginger cookies. I also love turkey soup.

    The days zoom by so very quickly that before we know it , it will already be spring. I can't wait for the daylight to get longer. It's dark so early.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Missed cookie day but will be baking some today. :)
    Have started a little Christmas decorating but haven't put up the tree yet. Still have to go out back and cut it down.
    This week like all weeks just seem to fly by.

  4. You must have a secret list, for you know when all the Days are, Nellie! Wondering where December is disappearing to and it will be Christmas before we know it.

  5. I have decorated, although not as much as in years past. I hope to send Christmas cards soon. I love your Christmas dishes.