Monday, December 7, 2020

Plans change....

 How was your weekend?  Have there been some special events you’ve been able to enjoy during these pandemic days?

Sunday afternoon was time for another Tea Party with Susan Branch event.  This one was sponsored by An Unlikely Story, a Massachusetts bookstore.  Are you able to see that stove behind Susan?  I’d love to have one just like it!  It’s a reproduction of those stoves many of us remember from years ago, and it would work well with projects like this one....
                                                       More cookies on the way!

The Sunday Lunch menu had a slight alteration.  Rather than been and noodles, we had a little taste of some beef barbecue, not too saucy.
Loved it with roasted garlic redskin potato wedges and Brussels sprouts!  It was good to follow up with a tasty nibble of these....

                                                        Reindeer Chow!  I believe I’m part reindeer!

We have just heard today that our church will halt in person worship again until January 3, 2021.  The Husband and I haven’t been to church in person since March 7 and have been worshipping online.  That will continue indefinitely.  

While the promise of a vaccine is encouraging, it will be quite awhile before everyone has the opportunity to take it.  We’re certain our doctor’s office will inform us whenever one is available for us.  

I hope you are finding ways to make these moments count.  I send the very best of wishes for the season to each of you!


  1. Hi Nellie - Big Susan Branch fan here and I can't believe I missed her event!! I spent all day yesterday writing my Christmas cards to get them in the mail today. Mission accomplished, but the SB session skipped my mind. Our church is doing the same...had small groups but now back to online only. We have also been doing online and miss seeing our church friends. Hoping the vaccine gets us back to normal before too long. Blessings - enjoy the season!

  2. Hi, Ann! I’ve been doing our cards a few at a time; halfway finished! I notice a typo in the post above. Rather than “been,” I had thought about “beef” and noodles! Oh, dear! I really must learn to proofread better!

  3. Oh, Sister! I'm sure that Susan Branch session was most enjoyable for you and the rest of her fans! While I do appreciate the quality of the items she produces, I'm not a huge fan, but I'm happy for you that you were able to join in on that session. I'm finding many ways to stay busy, and also too many excuses NOT to stay busy! Everything on your table looks delectable, and I'm sure you and The Husband enjoyed it a lot. Our church will continue with in-person worship for awhile, at least. It's a small congregation, and there's lots of room to spread out for social distancing, so I'll keep wearing a mask and staying arms-length away from those I'd love to hug. Things will eventually get back to normal, and I hope we'll appreciate those we love more when we're able to be close to them again. Stay safe and well! Love you!

  4. I love roasted potato wedges and had some yesterday with a bit of olive oil, salt pepper and garlic powder. So yummy. Barbecued beef and noodles sound good too.

    Our church is quite large and we are lucky that it's still opened with lots of space and the priest also stream the mass online for those who are elderly or sick. It could close at any time since there has been new cases of covid.
    Have a good week, stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. That Susan Branch event sounds like fun. The rules change every moment, it seems, in California. At this moment we can have outdoor church services but not indoor. Two weeks ago we could have indoor services. It is so hard to plan family church events this year. Our church bought a tent with open sides and some large heaters for the patio. Be well.

  6. You're making me hungry again Nellie! Wasn't it wonderful, so much love and friendship in the air for Susan Branch's get together. It would be super to do that more often. Like you, I have been following services online, and it will be some time before I return.
    Hugs, Deb xo

  7. We attended a special event last night. With the house and our stomachs nearly devoid of food, we visited Costco. A few people had the same idea, but it was quite quiet there and everyone we encountered wore their masks correctly. Your blog always makes me say, "yum, yum, yum."


  8. Hello Nellie. I didn't know you were part reindeer but am happy to hear it. They are noble animals! Thanks for all visits and comments to Writing Straight from the Heart. Always happy to know you stopped by. Susan

  9. Though some people go in person at our church we still watch on FB. There have been several people from our church who have had the virus. One had to be hospitalized but thankfully they have recovered!!
    Your house must smell so good with all your baking.

  10. I sadly have been unable to join all the Girlfriends for times with Susan. She is such an inspiration to so many including myself! I love seeing all the goodies you make. I need to get busy in that endeavor for Christmas. Take care of yourself and enjoy the season.xo

  11. Sounds good with Susan Branch, Nellie! We haven't been to church either, closed until further notice. Our area is still pretty much shut down, not much going on here at all. I believe I'm part reindeer also! 😊 Take care