Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Turning to gingerbread…

 You have heard the story about the Gingerbread Boy, haven’t you?  How he jumped off of the tray in the oven and went running out the door, leading everyone on a merry chase.  Gullible as he was, he believed he would be safe on top of the fox’s head, according to one version.

Jan Brett gives this story a different twist.  In Gingerbread Baby, Matti and his mother worked together in the warm kitchen on a cold day, with the goal of baking a gingerbread boy.

This is the first page of the book…
This is the cover of the book…
The Gingerbread Baby is poised to lead everyone on a merry chase…
Residents of the village all join in the parade running after the Gingerbread Baby…
It is quite a parade!
The Gingerbread Baby knows a good hiding place when he sees it!
He has outsmarted them all!

Jan Brett once again has created a book with wonderful illustrations!  I have one more that I will share with you in the next post, then I’ll move on to another author.  

Nineteen days until Christmas Day!  


  1. oh, Nellie! Aren't these books we're sharing just so beautiful? I don't have any by Jan Brett, not yet anyway! Have a lovely day.

  2. What a delight to see Jan Brett's genius here, Nellie. It brings back such good memories of my own childhood.

  3. Another wonderful book with beautiful illustrations.

  4. Oh, Sister! You're sharing such beautiful illustrations and a sweet story with us. Enjoy your reading - we sure do enjoy your blogging! Love you!