Saturday, May 11, 2013

Surprise gifts....

Happy Saturday morning!  The week-end is here!  Do you have something special on your schedule? 

On Friday morning, I went to church for Second Friday Bridge group.  There are usually five full tables, and it is a time of good fellowship.  I always like to stop by the adult day care rooms to greet the participants before I leave.  I was in for a surprise on Friday! 

A gift for me!

One of the co-directors presented me with this wonderful gift bag!

Lots of goodies!

The note cards were hand painted by the participants, and they are available for sale.  I don't think there is any way all those Milk Duds would be eaten at one trip to the movie!  A chicken sandwich and a Frosty would be a good treat for after!:-)  The dogwood mints would be just perfect, too!

And - that's not all!   I hadn't been home long until the doorbell rang, and there was my very favorite Mary Kay Director wishing me a Happy Mother's Day with a basket of my favorite products!  I have been a Mary Kay customer for 36 years!  The girls had gone together to send this wonderful basket.

Nicely put together!

Complete with a balloon, flowers, and candy, there were other products that will be greatly enjoyed!

We never did have the showers that had been predicted on Friday, either, although there were lots of clouds in the afternoon. 

I send wishes to you for a good week-end! 

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Congrats on your wonderful gifts!!

    Happy Mother's Day to a lovely lady!

  2. What wonderful gifts! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Hi Nellie, Looks like you really are having a great Mother's Day Weekend.. What nice gifts. I know you will enjoy them.

    We just got home from a week at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. Had a fabulous time....

    Happy Mother's Day.

  4. Makes you realize that your work on those first Tuesdays of each month has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated by the day care folks! Your girls are always so thoughtful, too, and I'm sure you'll enjoy that Mary Kay assortment for a long time! Our weekend will be quiet, with just the usual church services on Sunday, but we'll have a time of celebration later on, when our children can get schedules together. Our son and dau/law are celebrating 17 years of marriage today, so that's a good excuse for a long-diatance phone call! :-)

  5. Oh deserve these gifts, but what amazing surprises! The unexpected gifts are the best kind! I hope you have a lovely Sunday!!


  6. Nellie, you are a dear and Godly woman. I so enjoyed seeing the expressions of love that you were literally gifted with.

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Happy Mother's Day and I will have a happy Mother's Day as well. I got something in the mail from my boy over the mountain! Fancy though, that Katie slipped a bag of Party Mix into the package. So good of her to share her favorite treats with me, her human mom. The card that both she and my boy sent and signed is precious and of course, I will save it. There was a gift card too besides the crunchy treats! And some candy and a Hello Kitty little purse.

    Youngest will be here tomorrow and oldest the middle of the week. xo


  7. What an exciting day you are having, Nellie! Lots of surprises! The hand painted note cards are cute...

  8. Such lovely gifts.: ) Happy Mother's Day.
    Mother's Day at church they give all the mothers plants to take home. I'm looking forward to picking one out. : )

    A bit of a sad day for me. My daughter still isn't speaking to me since Election Day so I'll get nothing from her. I don't care about the present but it sure would nice to get a phone call.

    Yes, I have heard of Bonnie's Big Day and I have a copy.

  9. Such lovely gifts, Nellie. Happy and blessed Mother's Day to you! Have a wonderful day. xo

  10. Wishing you a special Mother's day. Such pretty and fun gifts.

  11. We got the rain -- which we really needed. What lovely and thoughtful gifts, of course they're for a lovely and thoughtful lady. Enjoy!