Monday, May 6, 2013

The week-end....

Monday morning has arrived!  What happened to the week-end?  Did you have some special things that kept you busy?

We took a trip to a nearby town for their Spring Festival.  This is one of our "must-sees." 

This machine is making ice cream - on site - for the enjoyment of those of us who wish to try it.  They have vanilla and chocolate!  The Husband and I always have to try some.:-)

This holds fifty gallons of ice cream.  The Community Club that operates this travels to various sites during the year.

While we were in this area, we went to visit the Country Couple.

Many things are blooming at their place.

We were also welcomed by Sprout!

Isn't she sweet

While having pizza...

.....sitting on the deck of a neighborhood bakery, this was the view....

....and these propane heaters gave warmth on a cool, windy evening.

The propane tank was stored in the base of the heater.

A stop at the grocery store....

.....filled this counter.  Yikes!  Is it time to cook for the adult day care participants at my church already?  And I've only covered the Friday of the week-end!  Saturday and Sunday will have to wait, because it is definitely time to "get cooking!" 

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I can see why everything about this event, is a MUST GO TO!!!!! :-)

    Plus side trips, as it were.

  2. What a nice weekend. It looks like you are gearing up for lots of work this week.
    Have a nice one.

  3. Nellie, Looks like a great weekend. The flowers are pretty the pizza loked very good. You got to see a lot of fun things. xoxo,Susie

  4. I don't know which I enjoyed the most--the talk about ice cream and pizza, or that darling kitty! You had a very busy afternoon/evening, but you were busy again the next day, and I hope you had a chance to catch your breath before beginning all that cooking today. Those folks at the adult day care will certainly appreciate your efforts. Give your feet a rest before you get too tired! :-)

  5. LOVE that view from the bakery!

  6. That ice cream must taste extra delicious, made that way in small batches, and the pizza looks yummy too.