Monday, May 20, 2013

The week-end....

I hope you have many good reasons to remember the past week-end.  Did it seem to pass as quickly for you as it did for us?

Eek!  A mouse!

I began the week-end by purchasing a wireless mouse on Friday.  So far, so good.  The touch pad mouse on this laptop has been a bit of an "overachiever," skittering all about at will and resulting in my losing entries of all sorts!  Of course, that means I have sacrificed that convenience, although the end result has been well worth it!

Is it THAT time already?

As our local schools begin the year by the second week in August, yes, it is time for graduations to take place.  So, on Friday night The Husband and I ventured out for the graduation of the daughter/granddaughter of good friends of ours.

No pictures of this one, but we did watch the Preakness on Saturday.  No Triple Crown winner this year, either, as Oxbow won this one!

Pentecost - and Confirmation.

Sunday was Pentecost, and it was also Confirmation Sunday at our church.  There were nineteen young people confirmed, one of whom was the son/grandson of the same family with the high school graduate!

We invited the family already mentioned to come for lunch on Sunday, and many of the rolls in the pan were consumed!

Oh!  Does that call for a recipe?  That will have to come another day.

I didn't mention anything about the rain, did I?  Or the bit of hail that came with Sunday afternoon's storm?  When all was said and done, we have had over two inches of rain in our rain gauge from the week-end!  Back to waiting for that garden spot to dry!

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. Happy Monday and those rolls looks absolutely delicious!!

  2. You certainly did have a busy weekend, and I'm sure you enjoyed all of it! Ours was also busy, with lots of cooking for our church's 41st anniversary dinner on Sunday. Today, I plan to be a lazy bum, and I can do that just like a pro! Have a good day, Sister! :-)

  3. Another busy weekend for you! Your rolls look positively yummy. We have lots of thunderstorms in the forecast this week. With all the extra rain, the mosquitoes have taken over our yard/woods. Ugh. Poor Josie just swells horribly with bites. Our garden continues to be postponed too.

  4. Had to smile at the mouse having been an over achiever! Love that.

    It didn't rain too much on the east end here where I live but the west end was trounced including reees falling on homes. :-(

  5. Oh those rolls look so good. I look forward to the recipe.
    I love my wireless mouse and keyboard. Nice having less wires!!!

  6. The rolls look awesome....Yum... Makes me hungry.

    We had TONS of rain --and even had some flooding in downtown Crossville. But--other than lots of rain, we were fine.

    I prefer a wireless mouse over the trackpad most of the time too..


  7. My daughter took Mike to his home for the weekend and it was peaceful and quiet around here. Unfortunately, the weekend flew by and was over before I could even get too comfortable.

  8. wow Nellie looks like you have beeen keeping busy! its still raining here....

  9. Hello Nellie...You have been very busy, too. It's been the same here. Lots and lots and lots of events.

    Isn't it wonderful?

    Thanks for all your visits and comments, too.

    Your rolls look yummy. Susan

  10. Great pictures, Nellie! We had a lovely weekend too. Take care.

  11. That's a busy weekend. Love the wireless mouse. I have one on a string. I would lose a wireless one, or the cats would hockey it into a black hole somewhere, never to be seen again!