Saturday, March 31, 2012


What a surprise!

Several days ago, I received this award from Pattycakescooking!  It was really a surprise!  There are four things I am supposed to do since this has been sent to me.  One, I am to thank the person who gave me the award.  Done!  Second, I am to include a link to their blog.  Done in the first sentence!  Third, I am to nominate 15 bloggers to also receive the award.  Oops!  I am really having problems with that one as I am fairly new in this blogging world, and I have a very limited knowledge of other bloggers.  But - I am working on this one, and it should come at some point in the future.  Fourth, I am to tell seven things about myself.  Now, that is easy to do.:-)  So - here goes.

One - I am a retired elementary public school teacher, having taught 25 years in systems in Virginia and Tennessee.  My last experience was with third graders - 17 years - and I loved it.  I have been retired since the close of the 2003 school year.

Two - I am blessed to have a wonderful husband, and we will celebrate our 43rd anniversary in August.

Three - I am mother to three wonderful daughters.  A single baby on my birthday is our oldest, and the other two are twins.

Four - My church involvement is very important to me.  I am very active in the United Methodist Women, serving offices both in my local Unit and also in the District.  I look forward to attending Conference and Jurisdictional events and truly enjoyed UMW Assembly in 2010 in St. Louis.

Five - I have one sibling, a sister, who is so very faithful about following my blog!  Thank you, dear Sister!

Six - Hobbies I enjoy include reading, cooking (no surprise), playing bridge, music, and meeting with my fellow retirees from my last school. 

Seven - I am a Lifetime Weight Watcher, having been at or below goal weight for the past four years!

Once again, I thank Patty for this award.  Please head over to her blog and check out the wonderful recipes she has posted - - and come back to see what my next post might bring.  Perhaps some other bloggers who deserve the Versatile Blogger Award as well!

Thank you so much for following along.  I love reading your comments.


  1. I am impressed that you are a lifelong WW member - good for you and with all the good cooking you do! How special that on your birthday you were blessed with a precious gift. I am happy you received this award. I received it a while ago and have since become an "award and tag free" blog. :) xo

  2. it's always nice to know about our blogger friends.. Have a nice weekend

  3. Congrats on your award!! I am that sibling, and I must express to others that you are one of the busiest retired people that I have ever known!! Your activities put me to shame, since I am three years younger than you, and I appreciate all you are able to keep up with!! I am also in awe of your achievements with WW, as I have very little success in the area of weight reduction. I've tried various plans, including WW, but have had little or no success. I am very proud of you for sticking with the program and taking care of your health in that regard! I always look forward to your blog entries. Love to you and that wonderful husband and those three marvelous daughters!! :-)

  4. Sister Mine, I just wish we were able to get together more often. Thank you for your support!:-)

  5. I always enjoy getting to know some of my favorite bloggers more. You sound like a very busy and fulfilled lady. Hugs!

  6. What fun facts! It is always nice to get to know someone better. I'll bet you were a wonderful teacher. Hugs to you this Palm Sunday- xo Diana

  7. Thanks for sharing! Love reading about your life. I am a retired teacher too (Art 5-12) I worked 33 years now the state is talking about cutting our retirement,Il.I now live in Ky near TN This is my first year of retirement.Joann

  8. It sounds like you lead a very interesting and fulfilling life Nellie!
    I'm glad you find time to cook and supply us with such delicious sounding recipes :)

  9. Congratulations on your award! I'm on the staff of UMW and enjoy reading your blog!

  10. (and my name is Emily Miller...don't know why it said Unknown.)

  11. How exciting that a UMW staff member is reading my blog!! My UMW participation is of great importance to me, and I am honored that you are following along.