Saturday, October 12, 2013

October's gifts....

Happy Saturday morning!  The week-end is here!  I hope you have some plans made to enjoy a good October week-end.

The garden continues to surprise us.

Early in the season, these carrot seeds were planted!  We try for them every year, though it doesn't seem easy for carrots to grow where we are.  These were the first two (there are others still in the ground), and they were delicious! 

Leaves, footballs, and pumpkins - oh, my!

A tasty treat, trimmed or untrimmed!

It just seemed to be the time to bake some gingerbread cookies!  Often, they are trimmed with some kind of icing.  The Husband prefers them plain, however, so they were quickly ready for him to enjoy.:-)  One of the "gifts" of October!

Remember to leave your response to be entered in the scarf drawing, another way to gain a "gift" in October.

Scarf #1

Scarf #2

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Good morning, Nellie!

    What darling little carrots:) I've never had much luck growing carrots. They always come up small and bumpy, lol...

    Gingerbread cookies sound yummy, thanks for sharing, Nellie. Enjoy your weekend:)

  2. Lovely carrots and cookies! I think I'd prefer those cookies plain, also, so I'm easy to please! Have a marvelous day! :-)

  3. Hi Nellie , love gingerbread cookies and ginger is also good for the immune system . I never had any luck with carrots , but I keep trying every year . Have a nice weekend , thanks for sharing :)

  4. The cookies look delicious! The carrots bring back memories of our old garden at home. Enjoy them!!

  5. Hubby prefers his cookies plain, too. I'll take 'em any way I can get 'em!

    Hope your weather is being more cooperative than ours is. It's storming BIG TIME!

  6. Nice looking carrots. I like eating them raw.

  7. I love carrots and just looking at them is enough to send me to the fridge to get one to munch on.

    Carrots grows well in sandy soil. I never had much luck with carrots because of carrot maggots until last year. Someone at the seed store told me to dump my coffee grounds around my carrots as they grew and this would prevent the rust fly maggots and it worked for me. Who knew that carrots love coffee grounds waste.

    Happy weekend.

  8. I'm a ginger fan and your cookies look so good. I'm thinking I need a cup of tea with them.