Thursday, December 11, 2014

December surprises....

....are the very best!

First, the handiwork of someone whom I have never met except through the Weight Watchers Message Boards.

These fit right in with a kitchen that has a predominant strawberry theme.  Didn't she do a marvelous job?

Next, a surprise from a friend of many years, a mother of a student at a school where I once taught, and a sometime bridge-playing friend.

Also, an example of her fine handiwork!

Have  you plans in mind to surprise someone during this season?


  1. These are lovely gifts, and I believe that handmade items come straight from the heart of the giver! I have had a few thoughts for this season, but am still trying to decide what's best for those I love. Have a marvelous day, Sister!

  2. I have a big surprise coming up for my DIL. I am excited for Christmas to give it to her! xo Diana

  3. Nice! I don't think I have any surprises in me this year and if I do, it'll be a surprise to me.

  4. I hope all the gifts I've discovered are pleasant surprises, but I have something really special for The Hurricane.


  5. those are wonderful!

    it will be food~~~~ it is always food!

  6. Both gifts are very beautiful, Nellie, especially nice as they are handmade!

    I wish I had more time and more talent to make something as pretty for someone. Hmmmmm...I could bake something....thanks for the idea!

  7. What lovely gifts.
    I love to surprise people and have a few surprises planned not only for Christmas but throughout the year. So much fun to surprise people. : )

  8. What thoughtful and beautiful treasures. Enjoy!