Monday, September 19, 2016

There was soup....

Continuing on my challenge of using recipes from some of my cookbooks that haven't been used in quite awhile, I took this one from the shelf....

It didn't take long to find this recipe....

Once again, this is up at the top of my list of favorites!

Do you like corn chowder?  Do you have a favorite recipe?


  1. Good morning, Sister! Yes, I do like corn chowder, but I don't have a favorite recipe. I did think of another favorite from yesterday's question, though....I really enjoy corn pudding, and it's so easy that I've made it several times for church dinners and such. Have a wonderful Wednesday! Love you!

  2. I haven't made corn chowder in years. I definitely need to pull out my mother's recipe. Yum!

  3. Sorry, I'm not a chowder anything fan. I'm always impressed by the look of everything you make, though.


  4. Corn chowder is one of our favorites, Nellie. Your's looks delicious. Have a lovely evening. ♥

  5. Oh I love soup! Actually had soup at dinner tonight.