Thursday, May 11, 2017

There were others....

Taking a walk around the yard, I also spotted these beauties....

David Austin rose

The oak leaf hydrangea is beginning to bloom.

The knock-out rose is always full of cheerful blooms!

 We've had a lot of rain, and now have no deficit for average rainfall for this point in the year.  It has truly been a lovely spring! The grass is green and growing!


  1. Looking so lovely around your place, Nellie! We are having rain through Saturday. It is great to hopefully fill our deficit. Enjoy your Mother's Day! ♥

  2. Happy Mother's day Nellie. The flowers are looking good in your yard. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. You and The Husband have worked hard in the yard, especially him! All the hard work is paying off, and even those plants that don't require much attention are showing off for all to enjoy! Great job, Sister, and thank you for sharing with us. Love you!

  4. How nice Nellie. We are out of drought this year too. Your flowers are lovely. I love those David Austin Roses. My hydrangeas are just starting to bloom. Have a nice weekend. My son and his wife is in Kentucky this weekend for a wedding. :)