Friday, June 16, 2017

Another week....

Another Friday, and another week in June is behind us. Have you had a good week?

As you may remember, The Husband is fond of playing golf. Last week-end's activities included dinner on Friday evening to which wives were invited.

We started off with my favorites....shrimp and buffalo chicken dip!

With views like this, is there any question why he enjoys playing at this course?

A long-time friend and co-worker made the decision to retire at the end of this school year.  Her family hosted a party in her honor, and we were invited.

Two other horses were in the barn, but this one came over to the fence to greet us.  Other entertainment was watching this soar into the sky....

It was fun watching this drone!  We were told it was also taking our picture as it hovered over us!

Why is it that so much of what I think about centers on food? 😋

A chocolate chip pumpkin muffin, made more special by serving on a doily....

My favorite Asiago cheese bagel from Panera with coffee from a Pioneer Woman cup (a birthday gift from Mucho Mom)....

A banana split for breakfast....topped with Stonyfield nonfat yogurt, sprinkled with Love Crunch granola, a new discovery a few weeks ago!  Love it!!

There have been some walks outside....

Looking down our street...

The sky at sunset
Also, a trip to a favorite shop that specializes in previously loved merchandise....

Though not antique, this set of china definitely caught my eye!  When most my age are down-sizing, this came home with me!  I have even been able to find a place for it!

There are reports that this show will be broadcast tonight!  It is listed on our PBS schedule here, so this is a reminder!  Be sure to remember to watch!  It has been a favorite here!

The week-end is ahead of us!  I hope you have something planned that is relaxing and restorative!  Enjoy!


  1. Ooh my !
    Lots of wonderful food there, especially banana split for breakfast....a girl after my own heart :)
    Lovely china, and views down the street, isn't it a lovely time of the year !

  2. Oh, Sister! I don't know where to start! That china is lovely, and I can see why it caught your eye, as it is similar to another pattern you have if I'm looking at it correctly in the picture. All that food is really tempting, since I haven't yet had lunch, and I think I must head to the kitchen now! Nothing special for us this Saturday, but looking forward to Sunday, when our grandson is to play at their church, and we plan to go there, then we've been invited to lunch for Father's Day, which I'm sure will be most enjoyable! Keep The Husband going to those beautiful golf courses, and his scores are sure to improve! :-) Love you!

  3. Your week was full of great times, Nellie. The china that came home with you is lovely. I admit to a dish addiction. I'm glad you bought them home to be loved. Have a great weekend. xo ♥

  4. The china is beautiful.
    That muffin is delicious looking and what a beautiful sunset.

  5. I love the china. I'm not familiar with buffalo chicken dip. My ex didn't play golf. He played around.