Friday, June 8, 2018

All good things....

Well, it would be good if vacations could last longer....if it is an enjoyable time, that is.

Love these word on a plaque the owners had hanging on the wall in the breezeway.

Of course, one thing I love about being at the beach is the great opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood!  My choice for one night was this Oyster Po'Boy! Delicious!

....and then it was time to leave.😞The elevation of this bridge coming onto Edisto Island is higher, but I was driving then, so there's no picture.  We were crossing the Intra-Coastal Atlantic Waterway.

The route continues....

....showing how very near the marshland is....

...and how low that wall seems to be to me!

Don't you just wish you could bottle up all these unforgettable experiences and revisit them at will?  It is so very important to make the most of the time we have!


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  2. Made a typo on my first comment, so let's try that again! I've enjoyed your vacation, Sister, but I'm sure you enjoyed it more. I remember a 1971 trip Hubby and I made to Niagara Falls, and I'd take that trip again if I could. You know, we live on the beach, so come on down whenever you wish! It's shrimp season now, so you could get all those critters you can eat! Love you!

  3. It's fun to relive our vacations through photos, isn't it Nellie. Vacations seem to fly by so quickly. But life seems to be doing as well. I can hardly believe it's June! Thanks for sharing your vacation. xoxo ♥

  4. Well, here's to the next one! They do fly by, but it's been lovely tagging along with you to SC! Deb xo

  5. I am so glad you had such a nice vacation. That food and the view are awesome. I love seeing everything.