Saturday, July 28, 2018

A birthday

Happy birthday to Beatrix Potter!

Her presence has been in our family for a long time!


  1. Nellie, I see your sweet collection of book. How very nice. You know who else loves Beatrix Potter...Susan Branch. :) Blessings to you, hope all is well there.. xoxo, Susie

    1. Hi, Susie! All is well here! Thanks for asking! Yes, I know Susan Branch loves Beatrix Potter. In fact, the England picnic this spring was held there on the grounds of her house! Wouldn't it have been fun to be there?! xo Nellie

  2. Such wonderful flights of whimsy she created! Thank you for sharing your collection with us, Sister. Love you!

  3. Beatrix Potter has certainly left a legacy of which I am so thankful, Nellie. You have a nice collection of her work. Happy Birthday to the one and only Beatrix Potter! ♥

  4. I am trying to discover the work of Beatrix Potter and make it discover to our son in the meantime. Lovely designs.

  5. So sweet! No surprise that I'm a fan of English country gardens, tea time and Beatrix Potter. Wishes for a good week.