Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Time for a book review....

Very behind on this one, I've realized, as it's time this evening for another book talk for the HRBC on Twitter!  This is the book we read a month ago!

The story that develops in this book concerns three women who happen to "fall upon" the same tea set at the same time!  Thus, a "Teacup Sisterhood" is formed, and they begin their search for others that would be assistance for all of them.  Jenny will use them first, then it will be Maggie's turn before passing them on to Alison for her candle business.

Alison stores the teacups at her studio since she is the one with the needed space.  Chaos happens when Alison's teenage daughter, in a show a temper, slams the door, prompting an avalanche!  Miraculously, everyone begins to work together, and all is in order for Jenny's wedding.

Although there are some serious storylines here, the reader is somehow left with that "happily ever after" fairy tale impression.

I was prompted to search through my "household accumulation" for teacups as a result of reading this book.  That's a subject for another blog, however.

Have a nice day, friends!  Pause for a cup of tea....or simply conversation....with a friend!


  1. Good morning, Sister! My MIL had a collection of teacups that would knock your eyes out! Me? I have a collection of mugs, most of which I don't use, but they're special because of who gave them to me or the picture they have on them. The one I use every day was presented to us when we first visited our church, and it fits my hand just right! I haven't read this book, but it sounds like a good read, so I'll keep it in mind for future reference. Have a wonderful day. Love you!

  2. A friend of ours has a collection of pretty teacups - they are in a big glass case.

  3. I have a few dainty teacups given to me as gifts and plenty of coffee mugs.