Tuesday, October 29, 2019

National Cat Day....

It seems there is a day to honor just about everything!  Of course, I won't quibble about yesterday.  That was National Chocolate Day!  No picture; just take my word for it.  I brought honor to the day with Mayfield's Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream with chocolate sauce on top.  The only thing missing was the whipped cream!

Today is National Cat Day!  We have had a couple of cats that we remember with affection.

You are able to see that there were two cat beds.  Regardless, Shadow always thought he should just pile on top of Ashes.  Ashes was seven years old when Shadow was born, and he treated the "young 'un" with patience. 

The picture has stuck to the glass through the years, so it is forever in this frame.  

Ashes lived to be 18 1/2; Shadow lived to be 21.  It was nice to have a cat around the house all those years! 


  1. Wow Ashes and Shadow sure lived long lives!

  2. Your cats living that long is amazing Nellie. I like cats, but I no longer want pets...too much work for me now. I love that they got into the same bed. :) Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  3. Oh, Sister! I remember Ashes and Shadow with great fondness! Was it Ashes who loved to sit on shoulders and survey all around him? They had such great personalities, and it was so sad when Shadow's health began to decline. You kept them both comfortable, though, and they both had good lives, perhaps even more than the 9 lives cats are expected to have. Love your photo, and love you!

  4. Oh, wow, they were cute and had nice long lives! We've always had cats, usually black ones. Our last one died in July and I miss having them, Trying to talk Bill into another one or preferably a small dog, to no avail so far. Love the names you gave yours! And it's funny how some of them pile on each other, and others don't want near each other. Distinct personalities!

  5. Alexa told me when it was National Chocolate Day. I passed on the information to my team when I gave them candy.


  6. Sweet! We love cats and hope our boy lives to be 21!