Friday, April 17, 2020

Another one....

How are you doing on this Friday afternoon?  Has your usual routine changed in these unprecedented times?  Have you previously made Friday plans for going out to eat?  Special shopping?  Entertaining guests?  Are you still doing your own shopping?  Are you wearing a mask/face covering when you go out in public?  Are others also wearing masks?  Do you wear disposable gloves?  Do you find yourself doing more online ordering?  Are you following the guidelines for social distancing?   Or - perhaps you haven't altered anything at all.

We were due to be in Mobile, Alabama at this time for the Southeastern Jurisdiction United Methodist Women Quadrennial Meeting.  I happen to be a voting delegate for this event, and there were a couple of nominees from our Conference.  We were notified several weeks ago about a postponement.  Hopefully we'll be able to gather at some time in the future.

This is Day #36 (five weeks) of our self-imposed isolation.  We continue to have groceries delivered via Instacart and have made minimal trips out into the world for curbside pickup (prescriptions and such).  On our most recent errand, we wore masks and took along disposable gloves and disinfecting wipes.  We have veered away from the street when walking when we realize we're going to meet someone and that social distancing will be difficult.

We recently had a visit from the Country Couple.  How odd it was to not be able to offer them something to drink or invite them inside for a meal!  That was also a very difficult time for social distancing!

The Country Couple came bearing gifts!  As I mentioned, this is the month for surprises, and they brought one for us, too.

There are some happy birds in the neighborhood!!

Another surprise came from our state government!  As this is our birthday month, it happens to be time to renew our drivers' licenses, especially with the emphasis on having a Real ID.  We've been given an extension until October for that renewal!!  We must, however, carry along the letter that indicates that extension is officially in force.

Wishing you a good weekend ahead!  Be safe, and stay well!


  1. Such a nice surprise bird feeder, Nellie! We have been following all the guidelines for social distancing and staying at home other than our daily walks on the Heritage Trail. We also walk well away from folks that seem not to care about social distancing. We wear masks at the grocery and go only when absolutely necessary. I'm hoping we don't jump back into reopening businesses too soon. Take care, my friend.

  2. Good evening, Sister! My only trip "out" is to our mailbox, so I don't wear my mask or gloves for that errand. I do, however, wipe down any mail we receive before opening it. Your Country Couple gave you a most unusual bird feeder! It's beautiful, and I'm sure you'll have many visitors there! The birds don't have to worry about social distancing. Take care of yourself. Love you!

  3. I only venture in the yard and to the mailbox. I'm sure the birds have noticed the new bird feeder, especially the feed. What a lovely surprise.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. I think we are on a par for days in self isolation. I am so sick of the smell of bleach and disinfectant now. I have been to my post box once and saw no one, but have not gone past the end of my drive other than that one time. I am making myself masks this weekend and hope to pluck up courage to go for a walk soon. Stay safe and well!