Monday, April 26, 2021

Which one?

 Hello, blog friends!  I’ve a question for you today.  Which of the following would you choose?

This one....

Or....this one....?
It is “birthday season” around here, and my sister treated us with this delicious strawberry cake!  She also brought the numerals to go on top of the cake.  Which arrangement is appropriate for our situation? 

Well, if you chose the top picture, that would be very flattering.  Going for honesty here means the bottom picture is the correct one.  Thankfully, not a lot of effort was needed to blow out those two candles!

Grateful to be able to celebrate another birthday!

Take care, be safe, stay well, and enjoy spring!


  1. Happy Birthday, dear Nellie! I can just taste that yummy strawberry cake. Strawberries are just coming into the stores here and I'm so happy about that! Wishing you many more wonderful birthdays, my friend.

  2. Good evening, Sister, and another birthday wish is coming your way! You and The Husband carry those numerals very well indeed! Enjoy each moment of each day God gives you. Love you both!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday dear Nellie. I hope it was happy. May your new year of life be filled with many wonderful happenings. Hugs. Susan

  4. Numbers are just that, numbers! Happy Birthday Nellie. I just had my first strawberries but I think they were imported, still far too cold. Hope you were able to celebrate in style. If honesty is the bottom one, you have the energy of the top one! xo

  5. Happy Birthday Nellie! What a wonderful strawberry cake that your sister treated you with. I hope you had a special day doing all the things you love.


  6. A very Happy Birthday to you Nellie!! 🎂 🎈
    How nice of your sister to make you that delicious strawberry cake!!

  7. Hello, Nellie Friend and happy birthday to you. Strawberry cake! Lumgucious.


  8. Happy Birthday to YOU! What a great cake - wishing you many birthday blessings !

  9. Happy Belated Birthday, Nellie! The birthday cake looks a treat. May it be a beautiful year ahead for you with many joy-filled moments. Wishing you grace and strength for the journey. xo