Monday, November 15, 2021

A blogging routine….

 ….seems to elude me.  A few years ago, I would sit at the computer and enter blog posts for several days using the prescheduling option.  It seemed simpler to do than with the iPad, which I am currently using.  

I have lots of pictures/events that I could share.  I just need to settle, once again, on the routine I want to follow.

What I am most interested in sharing with you on this post is this sunset from Sunday evening as I looked across the street….

It’s like the sky is on fire!  I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a sunset this intense!

Sunday morning was our coldest morning of this season, and there was a skiff of ice in the bird bath.  Several days ago, when we expected our first frost, I clipped off what might have been the “last roses of summer.”

The Knockout Roses have been very sturdy this growing season.  That frost didn’t knock them out, though they are not too lively following the cold of this weekend.

It is good fireplace weather here!  How is everything where you are?


  1. Nellie- It looks like the heavens are on fire in that picture. Wow! I am trying to get back into a blogging routine, too. We'll see how it goes.
    Beautiful last roses of summer. xo Diana

  2. What a gorgeous sunset, Nellie! The heavens are full of surprises. Your last roses of the season are extra special. I picked three yesterday and realized that they are it for the year. Getting back into posting on my blog has been a challenge as well.

  3. Well, Sister, since I'm not a blogger, my main concern is keeping up with some special friends on Facebook! Your photos are magnificent; I do love your little knockout roses. Since I'm on the opposite end of town from you, our temperatures are similar - my computer tells me that it's now 41 and clear. Happy my heater works well! Love you!

  4. It's a funny world now where routine is important, yet evades us at every turn. Fabulous sunset! Deb in Wales

  5. Oh, that sunset! SO beautiful! I love the sunsets this time of hear when the leaves are off of the trees and the sky is such a wonderful mix of colors. The bare trees look like black lace. Your photos are amazing - thanks for sharing. Yes to not being in a blogging routine...same here. Same with journaling...I think I should be writing in my journal everyday during this time in our world....but weeks go by and poof. Cold here, too...fireplace, tea, good book, and all the PBS shows. Bliss. Have a great week!

  6. Yes, that is one beautiful sunset.
    We had a couple of dustings of snow but it has warmed up some this afternoon.
    I do my blogging after supper. Sometimes like today I'll read some in the afternoon.

  7. That's a beautiful sunset. Even in Florida it's getting to be good fireplace weather. I called the chimney sweep today.


  8. Hi Nellie....Gorgeous sunset. It's pretty chilly here in western Massachusetts, that's for sure. But the face-freezing weather is surely on its way, too. It's refreshing! I'll take cold over hot any day but then again, I'm a native New Englander. We are used to cold temps. Hope you have a great rest of the week. Hugs. Susan

  9. What an impressive sunset. We had our first sprinkle of snow this morning but the rain washed it all away.
    I'm already looking forward to spring and some beautiful flowers.

  10. That sunset is spectacular. The last of your roses are still coming along. It's been very cold here too, and when I go outside to get into the car, there is already ice on the windows. I'm wondering when the first snow will fall. Have a good rest of the week, Nellie.


  11. Nellie, you really captured that glorious sunset! I have managed to stick to a blogging routine for nearly 12 years now—every Thursday morning for 10 years, then every other Thursday for nearly 2 years. Lately it has become more difficult, probably something to do with the strange times in which we're living! But if the feeling continues, maybe I'll go to every third Thursday at some point!

  12. Nellie, I love that picture! Our skies are also similar to yours. I actually just took one tonight. I am thinking of blogging again too. Just need to get back into the routine. As I love following others also.

    Take care and have a blessed lSunday.

  13. Nellie, I love that picture! Our skies are also similar to yours. I actually just took one tonight. I am thinking of blogging again too. Just need to get back into the routine. As I love following others also.