Monday, February 21, 2022

One a month?

 That seems to be about my average for creating a new blog post.  This one will take a glance at February.

The month began with the Lunar New Year!  This year is the Year of the Tiger.  Very cute, I think.  Previous years have included the Year of the Dog and the Year of the Ox.  I’ve missed a few, I know.  No pictures of this, but we celebrated with Egg Rolls (frozen) and Stir Fry.

Abraham Lincoln, I would surmise, never gave any thought to the development in later years of Lincoln Logs.  Our version involved pretzels.  After we completed the remodeling project, we had something like this…

Appropriate for the sweetest month….
Oh, yes!  Definitely the sweetest month!  Is there ever too much chocolate?

My favorite color tulips!

I cannot tell a lie….

This is NOT a cherry pie…

Actually, this was the first time to bake a Cranberry Pie, and it was a hit with The Husband!

Now, it’s time to blend some Mardi Gras with all of the February celebrating.  Mardi Gras is on Tuesday, March 1, just a week from tomorrow!  Uncertain how we will be honoring the day here.  In times past, there has been an attempt at a King Cake.  I’m not quite ready to tackle that again yet.  Shrimp Gumbo sounds like a better idea!

This has been a month for birthday celebrations among members of my family.  It has also been a month of great loss as several beloved friends are now gone.  We celebrate the joy, as well as honor the memories.

We are all weary of the pandemic, that is true.  Let’s hang in there together for awhile longer, trusting to see better days in the future.

Take care, and stay safe and well!


  1. Nellie, that cranberry pie looks scrumptious! I love the month of February with chocolate, and those chocolate pretzels look really good. Your cups are cute too. The girls celebrate Mardi Gras every year with the bright colors, and Nel makes a King Cake often. My son loves jambalaya, and has cooked it many times. It's delicious. Your doll and purple feather seem to fit the holiday nicely. It's nice to see a post from you again, Nellie.


  2. What a beautiful post. Love your tulips - and you sure made this a "sweet"month. Yummy pretzels! So sorry for the loss of your friends...I am finding more and more people I love are now longer here, but the memories last forever. Take care and enjoy the rest of February.

  3. Your celebrations looks very sweet, Nellie. And your pretzels look so pretty and I'm sure delicious! I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of friends. Take care.

  4. Dear, dear Sister, you always know how to arrange your displays so that they look inviting, and that cranberry pie - and of course, the chocolate - have my mouth watering! Always good to see a post from you, and I know that today we both grieve the loss of a dear family friend. Love you!

  5. Those pretzels look delicious. Sending hugs your way.

  6. Oh Nellie, your cranberry pie looks divine. Here I am in a state where cranberries grow like crazy and I've never had cranberry pie in my life! Hope your next month is as good as your February was! Susan

  7. Everything looks scrumptious, Nellie. I love the tulips and chocolates photo. I've never heard of cranberry pie. Is it tart like cranberry sauce, or sweeter?

    1. Hi, Cathy! The cranberry pie was just a little sweeter than cranberry sauce, though not too sweet. I’ll be baking it again! Glad to have your visit to my blog!

  8. I don’t know to make any of these but I would love to taste these . Looks colourful