Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Making the newspaper!

In the last post, I mentioned a trip we took last week to Emory and Henry College for Founder's Day.  Also on the schedule was the ribbon-cutting for the new dorm that will be ready for occupancy for the fall term.

This is Hickory Hall!

This is the first dorm of this size to use the Passive House design.

All dorms need kitchens!

There was no dishwasher in the kitchen in my dorm when I was a student!

All lined up to cut the ribbon!

And - pieces of ribbon fell on the concrete!

A large room used for class presentations.

There is another dorm with a similar floorplan that has been opened a couple of years.  The point was mentioned that this room had become a really valuable spot in the dorm!

Also a smaller one for smaller group study.

This dorm is constructed to be 50% more efficient than the most recent one!

How about this shower?

This is in the apartment for the head resident advisor of the dorm.

I took many more photos of our tour through the dorm.  There are many energy-saving practices in place.  Lights are activated when one walks into the room, and they go out when you leave.  The Husband became involved in a conversation with the builder about the way the heating and cooling works for each room.  The windows are triple-paned! 

I wouldn't mind going back to college - if  I could live in this dorm - and didn't have to study.:-)

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate  your comments.


  1. Great improvements in the dorm. really different from when my kids were at college.

  2. Ah, yes....studying is the deal breaker!! Lovely new dorm, especially the kitchen! Thank you for sharing these pictures of your experience there last weekend!

  3. Nellie, When I see all new and shiny, it's so pleasing. It looks like a nice place to call home while getting educated. xoxo,Susie

  4. Wow! Wonderful!

    And it even made the newspaper! :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  5. wow, that is nice, I agree, wouldn't mind if I didn't have to study!

  6. What wonderful dorm rooms. They have done a great job of making them energy efficient and usable for day to day life-xo Diana

  7. What a nice kitchen in the dorm. I wonder how much use it gets! : )

  8. I'd sure like to have that shower for my son!

  9. Looks quite different from my dorm (Ritter Hall and later, Lawrence Hall) at Tenn. Wesleyan Hall many, many years ago...

    Beautiful dorm, Nellie... Glad it has been built as an energy efficient building.. BUT--what happens when someone INSIDE the room wants the light off, when they want to sleep????


  10. The new construction projects at my University always impress me. The dorms don't look anything like the kind I lived in during the late 80s.

  11. Now that is a world-class dorm!!! I sure didn't have one like that when I went to school :)

  12. Nice place, if only you wouldn't have to study...

  13. My Dorm did not have a kitchen at all. You had to do anything with food in the tiny shared room, The crazy lounge was the only place you could go to study (too loud for that) so I lived in the library because the dorm was so claustrophobic other than for sleep.
    I love how so much new construction is energy efficient and pays for itself fairly quick. It is also great that the shower is wheelchair accessible and the rooms are quite large.
    It must be rewarding to stay involved with your Alma Mater. I try to return to mine every few years.