Thursday, March 7, 2013

March weather....

Happy Thursday to everyone!  Have you been enjoying this week?

On Wednesday  morning, this is what we saw here.

From our front porch.

Looking out the back.
This was actually the most snow we have seen here at our place this winter.   I know many of you have had enough snow to last you a lifetime this season; however, it was good to see this snowfall here.  It was just enough to be pretty, and there were no problems.

By Wednesday afternoon, this is what we saw.

Disappeared quickly!

The snow didn't linger long.  Even with no sunshine, it disappeared quickly.  The Husband says that this is just like "March weather.":-)

The week is coming to a close.  With today being the seventh, that means St. Patrick's Day is only ten days away!  The next post will feature a book about St. Patrick.  I hope you will return!

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate  your comments.


  1. Now that is the kind of snow I like; here today and gone tomorrow.

    I hope you have a great day Nellie!

  2. LOL I agree with Beth, thats my kind of snow. It is true that March snow doesn't linger. Too bad the same can't be said for January :)

  3. We are supposed to have snow in the foothills today and tomorrow, but it will be almost 70 degrees by Sunday. It is funny how fast it changes in March. We still have had no wind which is really odd. Kind of scary too. I wonder if it is building up for a windstorm.
    Have a great day!

  4. our snow is gone too. more is on the way!!!

  5. I wish our snow would disappear as quickly as yours did. I am really tired of it here- St. Paddy's Day IS coming up quick, isn't it? xo Diana

  6. Our snow didn't last either. : )

  7. At our apartment, the snow was about the same as yours, but on our way further toward the mountains this morning, there was still lots of snow on the branches of trees, and on many roofs along the way. It was all gone on our way back, though, so I suppose we've missed the worst this time around, too. It's very pretty when it's lying peacefully on the ground, but not so pretty when the roads are involved! This one was not bad at all. Hope you're having a peaceful afternoon! :-)

  8. We got about 2 inches and it stayed until today--and is even in the shady areas now... It just hasn't warmed up much YET... BUT--they say it will warm WAY UP... As your hubby said, "That's March!" ha ha


  9. YES! March Weather! Crazy, sometimes wild, unsettled, changeable, warm, cold, windy, etc.

    Ahemmmmmm... Naturally! It's the month I was born in! -giggggles-


  10. March definitely has trouble making up its mind doesn't it? Lovely pictures btw.

  11. Beautiful pictures, Nellie! I LOVE snow. It is magical. We still have blankets of snow here shimmering under the sun.

  12. Lovely pics. Our snow piles are finally starting to go down but I'm guessing we'll have snow through the end of month. I think we had our last skate on the backyard rink on Tuesday.

  13. Oh Nellie..who doesn't love that kind of snow! Ours is starting to melt..but not like

    Can't wait to hear about the St Patricks book!


  14. I think that I kind of like your little snowfall. Here in Ottawa, there is so much snow and the snowbanks are so high, it's incredible.
    Count yourself lucky.