Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snowmen abound....

Brr!  Happy Tuesday to you!  Are you staying warm enough in these Arctic temperatures?

There has not been enough snow around here to make a snowman, so I have had to rely on my collection to put the house in a proper January mood.:-)

Nice with a lit candle inside!

They are even sitting on the bookshelves!

I wonder what is his favorite book.

This one has been around since our girls were very, very young!

This one appears to be giving some "words of wisdom."

Ready with a broom to help clear the sidewalk!

Even if we happened to have enough snow, it would definitely be too cold to spend the time outdoors building a real one.  The wind is brutal!

Have you any plans for the day?  My plan is to stay indoors where it is warm!  I hope you will be able to stay safe where you are!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I love your snowmen! They always look so festive and friendly, even though they are only around when the weather is cold. My plan is to stay inside, and I'm about to lie down for a long winter's nap. Stay warm out there!! :-) Brrrrrr!

  2. I have enough snow to keep you in real snowmen for the next 50 years. Free for the taking.....bring a big shovel

  3. it's so cold we couldn't go out if we wanted to. we are -30 windchill this morning.

  4. Cute little snowmen, Nellie. We got almost 2 inches of snow up here -which is still with us, but it's too cold to get outside and enjoy it. It was minus 10 this morning. GADS!!


  5. Your snowmen are darling. That is a very nice collection!

    I plan to do a bit of cleaning today. Stay warm Nellie and have a great day!

  6. Nellie, you and your home are lovely and inviting. I so enjoy coming here and seeing what you give us each day. xo

  7. The indoor snowman is the only kind I could deal with right now, that outdoor kind would be tough. You're right... the wind is brutal! It's supposed to be 60 here tomorrow and I'M READY. Being cold is exhausting.

  8. Yes Nellie, cold enough for snowmen, but no snow ;)
    I love your little snowmen collection, at least they don't melt !

  9. Chris has been the only one brave enough to go outside and make sure the feeders are full. As much as I love the snow, this is crazy cold. Stay cozy!

  10. I can honestly say, with all this bitter cold weather we're having and snow piled everywhere, there isn't one snowman in our house. Yours are very cute though!

  11. Nellie, I've enjoyed catching up on your blog! As you know, it's cold here, too -- but we're staying inside and not building snowmen!. Can't believe I didn't even decorate with any this year. It's fun seeing yours!

  12. Best thing to do, stay inside where it's warm. That is exactly what I did. : )
    Cute Snowmen.

  13. Hi Nellie , what cute snowmen . We hardly gets snow , only sleet , rain and ice . thanks for sharing your snowmen just too cute :)

  14. Oh Nellie!!! Love your snowmen!!! Especially the one that's been in the family for awhile !!!
    We are cold and I love it!!!!!!! Anything is better than hot...
    Almost all our snow is gone as we had a 57 degrees on tues..and now it is 10!!!
    Good weather to sew....embroider..cook..eat..watch movies...crochet...
    Soooooo that's what I'm doing....yea!!
    Thanks so for stopping by and leaving a comment!!!
    Stay warm!!

  15. I like your snowmen. They are always so much fun to look at. I hope it warms up for you tomorrow.
    I came to visit you earlier and Blogger gave me a oops sign.
    I hope you have a great Wednesday.