Thursday, January 9, 2014

In tune with the weather....

Is the Polar Vortex about to move on away from your area?  Our high temperature yesterday managed to move above freezing, and today promises to be almost balmy!

As I replied on an earlier post, my favorite color is blue.  I like to move into January with a blue tablecloth on the table.  With the addition of white, the table takes somewhat of a winter appearance.

In the dining room.

The china is Wedgewood Strawberry and Vine.  The stemware is Lady Anne by Gorham, and the flatware is Rondo, also by Gorham.  The cup and saucer in the front is marked as Staffordshire Tableware, no pattern mentioned, while the one in the background is Barratts, also no pattern given.  Both were made in England.  Barely visible is the snowman napkin ring.

There are a couple of other pieces that fit right in with January.

I think the plate and the bowl are fun!  

The bowl and plate are marked Bella Casa by Ganz.

The large blue pitcher is a product with a Country Living stamp on the bottom.

Isn't this cute?

The stamp on the bottom of this small pitcher credits Alpine Pottery in Roseville, Ohio in 2001.

We have already enjoyed our January table setting this year!  The Country Couple came to lunch last Sunday, and  it was fun to use the dining room on that day!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. such lovely table, perfect for winter,

  2. I really like all those pieces and the lovely blue and white of your table! I noticed the napkin rings right away and think they are precious!! Enjoy these "balmy" temperatures, and stay safe! :-)

  3. We are kindred spirits Nellie, Blue is my favorite color too. You have a lovely table setting.

  4. I always like blue and white in January too. I keep my blue and white table cloth on until February then all I want is red and white, I love your dishes I bet they were fun to eat off of too.

  5. You go all out with your table... I haven't done that in decades! Looks great!

    We have warmed up, even though it's a little dreary and wet. I'll sure take it over the frigid temps!

  6. Blue and white are perfect for January. (I'm a little jealous of your temps in the plus)

  7. Hi Nellie- Your table setting is beautiful. Very elegant and I love the tablecloth's shade of blue. Glad you could have company to enjoy it with. :)

  8. A table set pretty always feels good.

  9. The cold air is still here, Nellie...
    Your table setting is lovely.
    I love blue colors. I also love winter, but I don't like it when temperatures are so low.

  10. Your snowman pieces can gladly visit my dining room anytime! Such a pretty tablescape.

  11. I like blue and white a lot too and your table looks very pretty.
    Cute snowmen too. : )

  12. You do set a pretty table and you have such pretty tablewares. I would be more inclined to use a pale blue during hot weather to cool the room down a bit. I sure could use a nice yellow color during winter months.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. What a beautiful table setting Nellie. I think it is just what I would love to sit down to. I must of =do better here where I am. I have the wherewithal so do it I will.

    Did you have the BBQ Meatloaf recipe? xo

  14. Hi Nellie , just gorgeous as usual , and the snowman is really cute , thanks for sharing :)

  15. Your table is perfect for a winter meal. Love the softness of it. I think there were a lot of pottery places in Roseville, Ohio.

    Hope you had a good day- I got a lot done in the basement. xo Diana

  16. Blue is my favorite color too. But it's funny because when you visit our house, you won't see that much blue! I love your table setting. Very pretty. Thank you for visiting my blog too and for leaving a comment. It is so appreciated.

  17. Blue is a lovely color, but not for fingers and toes! I'm glad the mercury is moving in the right direction again.