Thursday, January 23, 2014

A new season....

Brrr!  It is cold here, and I know it is in many other parts of the country!  Our trusty heat pump seems to be going non-stop, and we are keeping warm.

It is a new season for the Women's Chorus of which I am a part.  That means new music!  We have already had three rehearsals.  Hopefully we are making the kind of progress that will be pleasing to our hard-working director. 

We don't have a long time to prepare for our first performance, which will be on February 15!  We will sing for a special Washington Day meeting of a local group, which means there are some patriotic selections on the program.

There are some familiar choices there.

We also have When Johnny Comes Marching Home and On Top of Ole Smoky on the program.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.  



  1. Those look like some really good selections, and I'm sure your group will be enjoyed by all who hear you! Have a great day, and stay's supposed to be even colder tonight!!

  2. Singing is a good way to make the winter less painful and more tolerable. It's so cold here, the temperature is rising a bit and it's now -15 ̊C. or 5 ̊C at 10:39 am.

    Have fun with your practice.

  3. Those look like great selections. I used to sing in the choir and really miss it. Keep it up as long as you can friend.

  4. You all have picked a great bunch of songs. I would love to hear your choir sing.

  5. You'll have make a video and put in on your blog so we can hear it. : )
    I love to sing but alas have no talent. I'd love to be able to sing in the church choir.

  6. I can't sing on a good day, but I sure couldn't do it with my teeth chattering! It's cold!

  7. those will be wonderful, good for you!

  8. Some good songs there. Last night I attended the first rehearsal of the year for a local choir, as an observer. I think I will join. I've always enjoyed choir singing and have been in several over the years.
    Hope it all goes well next month.
    Stay warm.

  9. Oh- Have fun learning all the new songs, Nellie. I know how much you love your choir! xo Diana

  10. What lovely music to get to sing. That was one thing I loved when I was young, was singing in the choir. Always so much fun.