Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On to Williamsburg....

Continuing with posts about our recent trip with Munchomom, Machoman, and the Munchkins, today we will visit Williamsburg.

Welcoming us to Colonial Williamsburg.

Colorful signs along the way.

Interpreters were readily visible.  This one spoke with us on the street in front of the Governor's Palace.

A closer view.

Orderly gardens.

Weapons on the wall inside the foyer.

More weapons.

The "meeting room" where plans were discussed and decisions were made.

The portrayal on the green in front of the Governor's Palace was of an incident regarding the theft of gun powder from the magazine in 1775.  There were other incidents that may have contributed to the decision of the Royal Governor to take his family and leave the Palace.  As we toured the building, our interpreter kept in character letting us know that it was a mystery where the Governor and his family had gone, though it was suspected they were on a boat in the James River. 

The following pictures will show other parts of the Palace.

The bedroom for the older girls in the family.

This bed was more than likely for the nanny.

This was the dressing room.

The baby's crib. 

Doesn't this room look elegant?

A cellist was on hand to perform.

This was the stove provided for heating the banquet hall.

Brr!  Perhaps that stove might be a good thing to have at this point!  Our "Dogwood Winter" has arrived, and we are having freeze warnings!   What is the weather like where you are?

There were other activities out and about in Williamsburg.  That will be the focus of the next post.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Some of these rooms look most elegant, but I would not have wanted the job of keeping them warm in cold weather! You know that our weather is almost the same as yours....cold this morning, but should warm up to the 60s by afternoon, if we can just hold on long enough! Have a wonderful Wednesday, Sister! :-)

  2. This looks like another great trip Nellie! The photos are wonderful!

  3. Nellie, I love the mansion. Some of their colors are nice even today. It's cold right now here...but oh boy the sun is shining and it will warm up some. I am getting to be a whimp...I was cold all day yesterday. Let's think Spring for real and flowers.xoxo,Susie

  4. That is a fantastic place. I love the weapons. I think it would be so much fun to dress like that every day for work. That would be a fun way to work.
    Beautiful palace. Here, more 90 degree temps. It really is beautiful though. Lots of sunshine.

  5. what a wonderful trip! i love williamsburg!

  6. Hi Nellie , what a great time you are having with your family and I know the Munchkins are having a ball , not only is they learning history , they are having fun . Thanks so much for sharing :)

  7. Awesome place!

    It's been a little chilly here and we haven't needed the AC for several days.

  8. Aren't you glad you weren't at Williamsburg during THIS weather. We didn't sustain much damage --but we may have lost some tulips (which are LIMP).... BUT--such is life. I'll just be glad when Spring gets here to STAY.

    We love Williamsburg --and hope you and your family will get back there during the summer when there's more going on...

    The cellist is a friend of one of my friends... We met him one time we were there..


  9. What an interesting visit, Nellie!

  10. Thanks for the grand tour. This is an interesting place to visit. I love how the swords are aligned so neatly in a perfect pattern.


  11. I've been there quite a few times. A wonderful place to visit.
    The first time I went was over 40 years ago and most of the stuff was free. We used to just go and walk around there for something to do on a sunny afternoon.

  12. I love Williamsburg Nellie. You got some really good pictures. Did you pick up a copy of The Williamsburg Cookbook while you were there? "Dogwood Winter?"

    It's really cold here. I went outside last night and tonight and covered some of my plants that are beginning to bud. Fingers crossed:) Thanks for sharing your trip photos with us Nellie...Makes me want to go, again!

  13. Wow, Nellie. You all really visited some beautiful places steeped in history. What a wonderful trip you took-a once in a lifetime thing for a lot of people. Happy mid-Easter week to you- xo Diana

  14. Wonderful pictures. You had a good trip!