Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One more time....

It sounds as though winter is going to make yet another appearance for many of us!  Hopefully there will not be any damage to things that may already be in bloom where you are. 

One more time let's return to Jamestown.  The Englishmen who came on the three ships had no fear of the Native Americans when they arrived.  Their greatest fear was the Spanish/pirates who were roaming the waters.  That was the major reason they constructed the fort - for protection from the Spanish.  It was several months later that they learned the Native Americans were not going to be friendly. 

Thatched roof on buildings inside the Fort.

Exterior of buildings.

A glimpse inside.

A bedroom.

Herbs hanging from the rafters.

Inside the Royal Governor's house.

Elegant sleeping quarters for the Royal Governor.

On display in the house.

This was the only house in the Fort that was more than one story. 

An interpreter in full costume.

Artillery in place for defending the Fort.  The first Fort that was built burned, so rebuilding was necessary.  The Native Americans knew their weapons were no competition for the weapons of the Englishmen, so they hid in the forest surrounding the fort, ambushing the men who would leave the fort to search for food.  That led to illness and death, so the number of the group that first came began to dwindle.  Captain Newport returned just in time.


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  1. Very interesting part of our American history. I'll bet there's no memory foam on any of those comfy beds! Thank you for sharing more of your lovely trip with us. Have a terrific Tuesday, and say warm!

  2. How I love Thatch. I wish I knew how to do that. I always have.
    What a incredible place and I love looking at how they lived.
    I hope the cold passes quickly, have a wonderful day. I got your card!! Thank you, We both opened it together. I loved hearing my husband say, Tennessee!! Who do you know there? I always have to tell him by what blog and your name. He reads blogs over my shoulder. :)

  3. The photos are fascinating Nellie! I would love to visit there!

  4. Very interesting and I'm sure the girls would love to explore. Not so sure about the beds though!

  5. I love that part of our history. Thanks:)

  6. Hi Nellie , what a wonderful part of history you shared with us . Thanks so much for taking us along with you . Have a Happy Easter :)

  7. What an amazing bit of history you saw. That is so amazing to see how our ancestors lived/and died. I am so glad you were able to see that up close and personal. xo Diana

  8. The Governor had the nicer digs, but I still can't even imagine. And I think my life is hard!

  9. Thanks for taking us on this interesting historical site.
    I love the thatched roof but I would be very worried about fires.


  10. Great photos. It is a fascinating place to visit.

    As I look out of the window now, it is snowing and we have a dusting over everything.