Tuesday, September 15, 2015


....is at that half-way point.  

The crepe myrtle is still holding onto some blossoms....

....but the burning bush continues its journey....

....and we are loving the petunias!


  1. Nellie, It is so looking like fall here. I pointed out to my husband about all the leaves that have fallen in the back woods...and how when you look off into the distance , you can see the orange edges in the big woods, down the road. Hope you are loving this cool mornings. I am. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  2. Oh, your yard will be most vibrant when that burning bush does decide to share its color with you! It already looks good, so anything will be a bonus, right? Have a lovely afternoon, Sister!

  3. Lovely pics. Here in the UK autumn is very much blooming.

  4. Despite our very hot temperatures today, it definitely is looking like fall right now. The leaves are starting to change in MI. The cool mornings are wonderful.

  5. I'm loving the cool mornings and nights. My brown eyed Susan's are still flourishing

  6. That bush will be in full burn before long. September is flying by!

  7. Your flowers are still giving you pleasure. God's grace is so abundant.
    The summer blooms have suffered at our place because of the dry hot spell, especially the potted plants. I was too busy to water them and they were not priority. The petunias in the flowerbeds have faired better than the potted one.

    My late summer and fall flowers are blooming now. I always wanted a burning bush but never got one. I enjoy looking at my son's burning bushes instead.

    Have a great week Nellie.

  8. Love the blossoms. Our crepe myrtle are not doing well, so it's refreshing to see yours. I love petunias. Happy Wednesday.