Friday, January 19, 2018

When we have snow..... our area, everything comes to a screeching halt!  Well....hopefully, not too many screeches!😬While an earlier blog post had a snowy picture from last Saturday morning, this is what greeted us on Wednesday morning....

This view is looking down our street from our front porch.  I should also add that the temperature was five degrees!!  Friends, that's cold!!

Cold, snowy days lend to extra warming beverages....possibly even warm snacks.😋

My friend, Danielle, at Danielle's Heartfelt Home, posted these ideas for discussion that she found on Pinterest,  So, get that cup of tea, and settle in for some conversation.

Help yourself to some popcorn while we talk.

If money didn't matter, what is one thing you would spurge on right now?
That one is easy for me!  I'd board the Queen Elizabeth for a sail across the ocean to England! Maybe, since money is no object, even stay for a year! I'd love to experience England in all seasons.

If there is one thing you could learn how to do, what would it be?
I have always wanted to play the violin - or the harp. I think I'd probably choose the violin at this point since it would be easier to transport and store.

Do you have summer plans?
We hardly ever make any grand summer plans, although I will be a class leader again in the Conference United Methodist Women Mission U event in July.  This summer, the course topic is "Embracing Wholeness: an Earth Perspective for Covenantal Living."  It has been designed to be part two of the two-part series, last summer's being "Living as a Covenant Community."  This may also be a good summer to attend my college's alumni event "More Than A Vacation." This is the 25th anniversary of that event, and I'm sure there will be some very special activities planned.

What is your favorite movie ever?
I will have to say "Sound of Music" is my favorite ever!  I've seen it dozens of times, even before it began to appear on television.  Julie Andrews has been a favorite of mine for many years, and I love the music!

Name a random fact about yourself.
I'm not exactly sure how random this is, but I've never been to New York City!  I believe I'd like to go, but would need to have a tour guide.  Any volunteers?😊

So, there you have it! I'd love it if you would answer these questions in the comments or post them in your own blog!

I'm pre-posting this on Thursday afternoon. We have sunshine, and our thermometer tells us we have 30 degrees. The ice and snow aren't going away very quickly, so I believe I'll just have another cup of tea! 


  1. What pretty pictures and I love the snow. I always like that view looking down through your neighborhood. I also liked your questions. I would do the same thing, take that ship to England. What a fun way to travel. Stay warm.

  2. Look at that snow! It is always fun to read people's answers to posed questions.
    Have a great weekend. xo Diana

  3. Good afternoon, Sister! If money truly were no object, I think I'd like to board a cruise ship, sail the Caribbean for a few days, then board another one for Europe/Asia, perhaps travel down the Danube River, eating all sorts of gourmet dishes and gaining all sorts of weight! LOL As long as we're being more realistic, I think I'd settle for a good dish of popcorn and a cup of hot chocolate or peppermint tea. Your neighborhood is lovely in any season, and the snow is beautiful...until it melts. Our temps have risen to almost springlike today, and the weekend promises to be even warmer, more like the Gulf Coast is supposed to be. We're looking forward to a visit from our daughter! Have a wonderful afternoon! Love you!

  4. the snow looks lovely and clean!! Its always interesting to read others answers to these questions,, it makes us know more about you!!

  5. Love your answers, Nellie! Your snow is beautiful. We only received a light dusting but to the south of us much more. Thanks for the popcorn--my favorite. ♥

  6. Loved reading your answers, Nellie, and mine are similar! I'd take the QM2 from Southampton to NY and then visit America {stopping off with my American friends en route} at my leisure, before continuing on a round the world cruise of around five years. I would love to learn to play a musical instrument, and the only thing I plan for the summer is how to keep cool! Way too many favourite films to name just one, and a little known fact ~ well, that would be telling, wouldn't it?
    ~~~Deb in Wales

  7. Nellie, I would also like to try the harp - someday - maybe. :) There are small, table-top versions, you know.

    Did you see the interview Julie Andrews did with Diane Sawyer? Where they went back to where the movie was filmed? It's on youtube, if you haven't, and is so good!

  8. I always like a bit of snow. Makes the winter landscape so much prettier than brown!!
    Nice to read your answers.
    I grow up up in northern NJ so was pretty near NYC so I've been there a few times!

  9. Hi Nellie! It's Suzanne from Twitter @suzanne37064 and I love your blog! Your home is beautiful and the snow picture is equally beautiful. I especially liked the marshallow fluff on hot chocolate. I'm going to try it! Best to you and thank you for such an enjoyable blog. Here's to February! Best, Suzanne

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