Thursday, November 7, 2019


Halloween was just a week ago.  Here, the weather was a huge factor in cancelling the Trunk or Treat that our church has every year.  Consequently, there has been an overage of Halloween candy around the house.  In fact, not much has disappeared.  Just in case you may be wondering what to do with any leftover candy you may have.... may find this suggestion helpful:  Bake a cake!

This one is going to a Wesley House event that the United Methodist Women Unit at our church assists with during the year.

I happen to have lots more candy.:-)   Perhaps I'll bake another that will stay at home.:-)


  1. Nellie, That's a good way to get rid of left over candy...bake a cake and take it away. LOL. I bet everyone enjoyed it. Blessings, stay warm. xoxo, Susie

  2. No left over candy here. We live too far outside of town to get any trick or treaters.

  3. Where we live, folks apparently take their kids elsewhere to get their treats, so I don't even bother to get anything to share! LOL That cake looks wonderful, Sister, and I'm sure you'll have NO leftovers of that when your event is finished. Enjoy any leftovers you have lying around! Love you!

  4. Yum! Another thing you can do is melt the chocolate down and add extra things to make Tiffin, or make a chocolate sauce for ice cream. No excuses, always something to make, just enjoy it!