Tuesday, November 12, 2019

November 12, 2019....

We awoke this morning to a snowfall, early for our area.  While we have had November snowfalls, it is usually later in the month.  My sister, who reads this blog, will remember the November 22, 1952 snowfall of 18 inches in our area.  By the time officials managed to call off school and have the school buses ready to pick us up, our bus wasn't able to manage the hill that was part of the usual route.  We left the bus and had quite a distance to walk.  Here, today, schools were on a two-hour delay, a good move as the county is large and covers areas that are more susceptible to greater snowfall.

The following pictures will show what it is like at our house....

Snow on the Turquoise Table!  There will be no outdoor gatherings here today!  Our temperatures are predicted to fall into the teens overnight.

This is not "frost on the pumpkins!"  They have waited for snow!

I love this snow-covered Burning Bush! It looks very holiday-ish! 

Stay warm and cozy wherever you are! 


  1. Oh, Sister!! I surely do remember that snowfall, although I didn't remember the date. We trudged UPHILL, stopping for a few minutes at the home of a classmate before heading on up the rest of the hill to our home "on the ridge." As I recall, Dad went in to work that day, and he didn't get to come home for a week. He came home, with two whole country hams, a "tip" from a grateful resident who had freezers full of produce that would have been lost had the power stayed off much longer. Such memories we have! Your table looks lovely, just right for an ice cream social! HA!! We have lots of wind from the Gulf today, but we're not quite as cold as you are up there....40s right now, I think. Have a good rest of the day, and stay warm! Love you!

  2. Good memory for you and Sister, Nellie! One to remember for sure! We've had snow a couple of times all ready here in Cary, just NW of Chicago. Had the driveway plowed yesterday and woke up to 4° this morning, cold and windy as usual for Dec, Jan and Feb, but way too much now and cold for now! I'm afraid to think about what the rest of winter will be. Your snow on the pumpkins and Burning Bush, poor things, too early! But great pics! Our yard is filled with leaves can't be raked, etc because of snow. Good grief! Have a good rest of the week!

  3. A pretty dusting of snow. Like someone sprinkled powdered sugar over everything.

  4. These photos are lovely, Nellie. Happy holidays! ♥