Thursday, May 14, 2020

Did you know....

....that today is National Buttermilk Biscuit Day?  When I heard that, it gave me motivation to try a different recipe from my collection.  It's one that I copied from somewhere online, and, of course, I didn't jot down the source.

The usual biscuit ingredients are the same, though the method is different.  Flour, baking powder, salt, and a little sugar are whirred about in the food processor!  Butter cut in cubes is then added while continuing to pulse, and buttermilk is streamed through the top of the food processor.  A little tossing/kneading on a floured surface, then press the dough into an 8-inch pan.  Cut it into 16 squares and bake at 425 degrees 15 minutes or so.

The Husband loves biscuits and gravy, and today's treat was also from my files!  Who can resist chocolate?

Have you ever had chocolate gravy?  

Be safe, stay well, and wash your hands!


  1. Good day, Sister! Those biscuits look good enough to eat! I have had chocolate gravy, and I could eat it by the spoonful without biscuits! Yes, I LOVE chocolate, and the darker the better! Now, I'm hungry, so I think I'll go have lunch! Love you!

  2. Biscuits look great! I'm not much of a chocolate lover so the chocolate gravy wouldn't work for me. Be safe.

  3. Never had chocolate gravy but I'm sure I'd LOVE it.

  4. Boy does that pan of biscuits look delicious, Nellie! I've never had the pleasure of eating chocolate gravy--sure sounds good.

  5. No Nellie. Never had chocolate gravy. I think I would have opted for hot biscuits with butter and honey. They look really good. Susan

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