Thursday, February 25, 2021

Special days....

 While February is the shortest month of the year, there is no shortage of special days during the month.  As February winds down, I’ll review a few of the special “food events” that weren’t covered in the last post.

I have never considered the groundhog to be a reliable predictor of much of anything, though it is fun to recognize Groundhog Day on February 2.  This appeared in Susan Branch’s blog early in the month....

As I had never honored Groundhog Day with anything special on the menu, I decided to correct that lapse this time around!  This Punxsutawney Pudding was delicious!  In fact, it was so tasty to me that I chose to use some of it a couple of mornings later....

It was an ideal “bed” for a fried egg for breakfast!

The Lunar New Year also came in February....the Year of the Ox.  For that celebration, we enjoyed this....

Shrimp Stir-Fry!  In my opinion, stir-fry dishes are an excellent way to work in lots of extra vegetables!  This one even included some cauliflower florets!

There were even fortune cookies following!  Happy to send you some!  Have lots more!

Of course, our favorite day of the month is Valentine’s Day!  Not an ideal time for going out to eat in a restaurant, that’s for sure.  This was a good substitute....

 Bacon wrapped scallops and cheese front of the fireplace!  Quite cozy and relaxing!

Shrove Tuesday gave an opportunity for this....

Pancakes for dinner!  This brought back memories of years past of youth pancake suppers on the night before Ash Wednesday.  

Our vaccine immunity “kicked in” earlier this week, and we have made a gradual reentry into the general public.  Following the same safety precautions is still necessary, and that’s what we’re doing.  So far, so good!

I send good wishes for your health!  


  1. Well, Sister, it looks like you certainly have February covered! Great eats and cozy times make any month a good month! Wait a minute.....I don't see anything about President's Day in this post, but that's all right; I think you covered that one in your last post. Happy you've been able to venture out into the public after all this time! Love you!

  2. I thought Punxsutawney Pudding might include cooking Phil!


  3. I'm sure everything was delicious but I'll have those scallops wrapped in bacon, please and some shrimp stir-fry. I love seafood. I make a lot of stir-fry because, like you said, it's a great way to add vegetable to a meal and I add a little rice on the side or sometimes, couscous.

    Hugs, Julia

  4. Oh, how I miss pancakes. Haven't had them in awhile. Your meals look delicious, and the fortune cookies are always delightful to read what's inside. I chuckled when you mentioned the groundhog because I often wonder why there is a special day for it haha. Well, your pudding sounds Yummy that you made on groundhog day.

    Have a restful weekend.