Tuesday, July 13, 2021

A break from the puzzles....

 Many of my blog posts during 2020 focused on kitchen activity.  I’ve given that a bit of a break recently, but it was time to return to cooking!

Macho Man was our guest recently.  He is a good help with projects that need another assistant, and we offer dinner in return.:-)

I have used several biscuit recipes through the years, but I believe I like this one best.  It is from Susan Branch’s Heart of the Home cookbook.  When peaches are in season, it’s time for a peach pie!
This was the first time I’ve prepared an entire meal on a sheet pan.  What an excellent idea!  Lining the pan with parchment paper made cleanup a breeze!  Pork tenderloin and Yukon Gold potatoes were placed on the pan to bake at 375 degrees for about a half hour, then the fresh green beans, onions, and garlic were added for another half hour or so.  Rosemary from our herb garden gave everything a good flavor.  The best thing is, even after packing Macho Man a “to go” box, there are leftovers!

Take care!  


  1. I think I will borrow your sheet pan dinner idea; the meal looks healthy and delicious. I recently discovered parchment paper, isn't it great? No oil needed as you do with a plain pan or foil, and easy cleanup. To make a peach pie, very ambitious.

  2. I love sheet pan dinners. Your biscuits are perfection!
    So nice to have a helper isn't it?
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Hi Nellie - Wow, your meal looks so delicious! I love sheet pan cooking and so enjoy Susan Branch. I have all of her cookbooks and just love reading them. I saw in your last post how much you like puzzles. I am not very much into them...but in our building there is a game room and there is always a puzzle "going". People stop by and add to it...it is fun - and goes fast. Yes, in response to your message on my blog - my college friends and I are blessed to be able to get together. We did not connect so often in the early years with family/work obligations...just once or twice a year. Now, all retired, we see each other every few months. Sadly, there were 6 of us - we lost a dear friend in 2019....and miss her still. We feel blessed to have each other. Hope you are cooling off, staying safe, and enjoying summer !

  4. I've been doing the same thing, Nellie. I've been using a sheet pan to cook meals, and it's a lot easier to clean up. The pork tenderloin, potatoes, and green beans look delicious, and pork roast is one of my favorite meals. The rosemary adds something too. And garlic is a must in this house haha. Peach pie for dessert! What a wonderful meal, Nellie.


  5. Oh wow that is a great idea and sure looks delicious. I've never made a meal like that!!

  6. Well, Sister, I'm sure you got no complaints from Macho Man, even though he did have to "sing for his supper!" Well....he probably didn't sing, but his help was much appreciated by you and The Husband, I'm sure. God knew when to send him back your way, didn't He? Sure is good to have able-bodied relatives nearby, and they're worth feeding every now and then! Love you!

  7. That looks delicious. Now I want to prepare something similar for The Man. Saturday night I prepared chicken in my new air fryer and fixed rice, veggies, and hot rolls. The Man raved about the meal.


  8. I love one pot or pan dinners so much! The flavours marry so well, far better than when cooked separately. Mediterranean veggies with either halloumi of feta and za'atar is a favourite here, served in pitta pockets. I bet you'll be doing this again real soon!

  9. I love doing puzzle to relax but do them mostly in winter. My strategy is, I separate the border first and assemble the boarder and then separate the colors in paper plates and stack them up so they save space on the table.

    Your pan dinner looks fantastic. I use parchment for just about every meals I cook in the oven and even in the fry pan sometimes. Nothing sticks and it's easy to clean.

    Did the whole pot with petunias disappeared also or just the petunias?

    Enjoy the rest of July. It's going so fast.
    Hugs, Julia